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Yaesu FT2DR Instruction Manual: Description Of The Aprs Station List Screen And Operations

144/430 mhz digital/analog transceivers c4fm/fm.
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Receiving APRS

Description of the APRS STATION LIST screen and operations

y Description of the APRS STATION LIST screen and operations
• Scroll the screen...Turn the DIAL.
• Move to the APRS MESSAGE LIST screen (
• Replying messages (
• Move the cursor to the top of the APRS STATION LIST...Touch [TOP].
• Delete a selected beacon station from the display (
by [DEL].
• Move to the "APRS STATION LIST" detail screen (
to select the beacon whose details you want to see and press the
• Set mode (
P.57)... Press the
• Manual transmission of a beacon (
• When [APRS] → [3 APRS FILTER] is set to on, a received beacon matching the filter setting will be
captured and shown on the display. If "OFF" is selected, a "beep (
will not be captured or shown.
• The receive audio (beacon or voice etc.) of Band [B] when APRS is operating may be muted by
setting [APRS] → [8 APRS MUTE] in the set mode.
• The reception of an APRS beacon is notified by a ringing sound set in [APRS] → [10 APRS RINGER]
in the set mode. If "OFF" is selected, no audio alarm will sound upon receiving a beacon.
③Station name: The call sign or object name / item name of
⑦Beacon auto / manual transmission icon:
⑧Time or date: Time (HH:MM) or date (MM/DD) will be
P.53)...Touch [REPLY].
Received beacons (up to a maximum of
60) will be displayed, starting with the most
recent one received.
The station list characters will be displayed.
Refer to the following page for details.
the received beacon will be displayed.
Touch this icon to move to the top of the list.
Touch this icon to display the "reply
message" text input screen.
Touch this icon to display the function
expansion key screen. Touch this when
replying to a message or moving to the APRS
MESSAGE LIST screen and so on.
Do not display (MANUAL), Display " "
(AUTO) (
displayed. The time display will change the
date display on the following day.
P.18 - P.26)...Turn the DIAL
key for one second or longer.
P.33), Display "
followed by
followed by [BEACON TX].
) " will sound and the beacon


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