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Installation - Klutch MIG250S Owner's Manual

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2.3 We recommend removing the MIG torch when the Spool Gun is connected to avoid accidental
arcing. Loosen the retaining bolt and slide the MIG torch out of the front of the machine. Disconnect
the 5-Pin trigger connection on the front of the machine.
2.4 Carefully slide the gas connector and the weld power connection through the weld cable
access opening in the front of the machine.
2.5 Open the wire compartment door.
2.6 Connect the gas connection quick connector to the gas connector (1) on the back panel of the
wire compartment.
2.7 Connect the weld power connection to the bolt on the side of the MIG connector (2).
2.8 Connect the 5-Pin trigger connector to the 5-Pin receptacle on the front of the machine.
2.9 Make certain the SPOOL GUN SELECTOR SWITCH on the front panel is switched into the
SPOOL GUN position.


1. POWER REQUIREMENT - AC single phase 230V (200-240V) 60 HZ fused with a 50 amp time
delayed fuse or circuit breaker is required. DO NOT OPERATE THIS UNIT if the ACTUAL power
source voltage is less than 215 volts AC or greater than 240 volts AC.
Electrical Shock
High voltage danger from power source! Consult a qualified electrician for proper
installation of receptacle. This welder must be grounded while in use to protect the
operator from electrical shock.
Do not remove grounding prong or alter the plug in any way. Do not use any adapters
between the welder's power cord and the power source receptacle. Make sure the
POWER switch is OFF when connecting your welder's power cord to a properly
grounded 230 VAC, 60 HZ, Single Phase, 50 Amp input power supply.
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