Safety Instructions - Silvercrest SST 50 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Docking station for ipod/iphone
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2. Safety instructions

Before using the device, carefully read
through these operating instructions
and ensure you comply with the safety
instructions in all respects!
This device should only be used for its
intended purpose as described in
these instructions.
Do not discard these instructions.
If you pass the device on to someone
else, please include the operating in-
Intended purpose
The device is designed to receive radio
programmes, play back music files from
external devices and as a dock for an iPod.
The device is intended for domestic use
and is unsuitable for commercial purpos-
If necessary, the following warnings will be
used in these operating instructions:
DANGER! High risk:
failure to observe this warning
may result in injury to life and
WARNING! Moderate risk: failure to ob-
serve this warning may result in injury or
severe material damage.
CAUTION: Low risk: failure to observe this
warning may result in minor injury or mate-
rial damage.
TIP: Points and special considerations
which should be remembered when using
the device.
DANGER for children
Packaging material is not a toy. Chil-
dren must not play with the plastic
bags. There is a risk of suffocation.
This device is not designed to be used
by persons with a physical, sensory or
mental disability (including children) or
persons without adequate experience
and/or understanding unless they are
supervised by someone responsible
for their safety or are instructed by
same how to use the device.
Children must be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the device.
The device and remote control should
be kept out of the reach of children.
DANGER of electric shock
due to moisture
Do not immerse the device, the power
cable or the power plug in water or any
other liquid.
Protect the device against dampness,
drips and splashes. There is the dan-
ger of an electric shock. Do not place
any items filled with liquid, e.g. vases,
on the device.
If liquids get into the device, unplug it
from the mains immediately. Have the
device checked before using it again.
Do not use the device outdoors.
DANGER of electrocution
Only connect the power plug to a
properly installed wall socket that is
easily accessible and delivers voltage
matching the rating plate. The wall
socket must also be easily accessible
after connection.
If the power cable or the device itself is
damaged, unplug it immediately.
If there is visible damage to the hous-
ing or the power cable, do not use the
Never open the device housing – it
contains no parts that require servic-
ing! If the housing is opened there is
danger to life caused by electric shock.
To avoid any risk, do not make modifi-
cations to the product. The power ca-
ble must not be replaced by a non-
specialist. Repairs must be carried out
by a specialist workshop or at the
Service Center.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents