Cleaning; Information On The Declaration Of Conformity; Disposal; Troubleshooting - Silvercrest SST 50 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Docking station for ipod/iphone
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11. Cleaning

DANGER! Remove the power
plug 7 from the wall socket before
cleaning the device.
CAUTION: Do not use any astringent or
abrasive cleaning agents.
Use only a slightly damp, soft cloth to
clean the device.
12. Information on the
declaration of
The device meets the requirements of Low
Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, EMC Direc-
tive 2004/108/EC and Ecodesign Directive
2009/125/EC (Regulation 1275/2008).

13. Disposal

The symbol showing a
wheelie bin crossed
through indicates that the
product requires separate
refuse collection in the Eu-
ropean Union. This applies
to the product and all ac-
cessories marked with this symbol. Prod-
ucts identified with this symbol may not be
discarded with normal household waste,
but must be taken to a collection point for
recycling electric and electronic applianc-
es. Recycling helps to reduce the con-
sumption of raw materials and protect the
When disposing of the packaging, make
sure you comply with the environmental
regulations applicable in your country.
Batteries must not be dis-
carded with your household
waste. Spent batteries must
be disposed of properly.
Special containers are avail-
able for this purpose in
shops selling batteries and at municipal
collection points.
(Rechargeable) batteries marked with the
following letters contain harmful substanc-
es such as: Cd (cadmium), Hg (mercury),
Pb (lead).

14. Troubleshooting

If your device fails to function as required,
please try this checklist first. Perhaps there
is only a minor problem and you can solve
it yourself.
DANGER! Do not attempt to re-
pair the device yourself under any
Possible causes/
Has the right dock
iPod cannot be
adapter 10 been in-
Has the device
been switched off
at the power switch
(POWER 6 on
The device can-
not be switched
Is the wall socket
Has the battery
been inserted into
the remote control?

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents