Silvercrest SST 50 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 8

Docking station for ipod/iphone
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This device is not designed to be oper-
ated with an external timer or a sepa-
rate telecontrol system.
Even after it has been switched off, the
device has not been completely dis-
connected from the mains. To do this,
remove the power plug.
Disconnect the power plug from the
wall socket...
... if there is a fault
... when you are not using the device
... before you clean the device and
... during thunder storms.
DANGER from batteries
serting the battery, check the polarity.
Replace only with the same or an
equivalent type.
Batteries can endanger life if swal-
lowed. Always store batteries in a
place that is inaccessible to small chil-
dren. If a battery is swallowed, seek
medical assistance immediately.
must not be charged or reactivated by
any other means, nor may they be tak-
en apart, thrown into fire or short-
Always remove flat batteries from the
device immediately as they can leak
and cause damage.
Remove the batteries from the device if
you do not plan to use it for a prolonged
period. The batteries might leak and
cause damage.
Do not expose batteries to extreme
conditions: do not place on radiators
or leave in direct sunlight. This other-
wise increases the risk of leakage.
If battery acid has leaked out of the
battery, avoid contact with the skin,
eyes and mucous membranes. Wash
the affected areas immediately with
copious amounts of clean water and
seek medical help without delay.
WARNING about material damage
Take care when handling the power
cable: always take hold of the power
cable at the plug. Do not pull on the
cable itself and never take hold of the
power cable with wet hands as this
may cause a short circuit or electric
shock. Do not place the device, furni-
ture or any similar items on the power
cable and take care that it does not
become trapped. Never tie a knot in
the power cable and do not connect it
to another cable. The power cable
must be laid where nobody can step
on it.
A damaged power cable may cause a
fire or electric shock. Check the power
cable from time to time. You must not
replace a damaged power cable your-
self. Repairs must be carried out by a
specialist workshop or at the Service
Do not use any astringent or abrasive
cleaning agents.
Heavy items must not be placed on
the device.
Protect the device against heat. If you
set the device up on a shelf, maintain
a distance of at least 10 cm on all
Naked flames, such as burning can-
dles, must not be placed on or imme-
diately next to the device.
Switch off all devices before connect-
ing them to one another and follow the
instructions for the devices you wish to
The device is fitted with non-slip feet.
As furniture is coated with various var-
nishes and plastics and may be treat-
ed with different cleaning products, it
cannot be completely ruled out that
some of these substances contain
components which may attack and
soften the feet. If necessary, place a
non-slip mat under the device.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents