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Docking station for ipod/iphone
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the first station with a sufficiently
strong signal.
Storing a station
You can store up to 20 FM Stations.
1. Select the desired station.
2. Press 38 / MEM 26. A preset number,
e.g. 02 appears in the display.
3. Briefly and repeatedly press
set 25 /
/set 36 to change the
preset number. The preset numbers
are shown in the display.
4. Store the station by pressing 38 /
MEM 26 again.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to store more sta-
Accessing stored stations
Remote control: press
/set 36.
On the device: briefly press
M 15 or
SET / M+ 16.

9. Clock

9.1 Setting the clock

If no button is pressed in setting mode
for about 5 seconds, the function is
The time is displayed in 24-hour for-
After a power failure you will need to
reset the clock and alarm time.
To set the time, the device needs to be
switched on at the power switch
(POWER 6 on ON).
1. To switch the device to standby mode,
if necessary, press ON/STANDBY 11.
2. Press TIME SET 12 on the device.
The hours symbol flashes.
3. Press ¢ UP 20 or 4 DOWN 21 to
set the hours and then press TIME
SET 12. The minutes symbol flashes.
4. Now press ¢ UP 20 or 4
DOWN 21 to set the minutes.
5. Press TIME SET 12 to finish inputting
the time.
9.2 Alarm function (alarm
The time needs to be set correctly be-
fore an alarm can be set.
If you do not press any button for
about 5 seconds, the function is can-
If you wish to wake up to music from
your iPod, it must be inserted in the
dock 1.
/set 25 /
Setting the alarm clock
To set the alarm, the device must be
switched to standby mode with
1. Press
onds. The symbol for Alarm1
the hours symbol flash in the display.
2. Press 4 1 38 or 33 ¢ 28 to
set the hours and then press
set 36. The minutes symbol flashes.
3. Now press 4 1 38 or
33 ¢ 28 to set the minutes.
4. Press
the alarm time.
5. Set the way in which you wish to be
awoken. Briefly and repeatedly press
/set 36 to be awoken by an
alarm tone
Select the track you wish to wake up
to on the iPod.
The radio will wake you with the last
selected station.
When inputting the time, press and
hold 4 1 38 or 33 ¢ 28 to
fast forward/back.
/set 36 for about 2 sec-
/set 36 to finish inputting
, iPod
or the

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents