Charging An Ipod; Controlling An Ipod; Radio - Silvercrest SST 50 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Docking station for ipod/iphone
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Docking and starting an iPod
There must be a dock adapter 10 already
inserted that fits your iPod model.
1. Place the iPod carefully on the dock
adapter 10. The iPod screen may light
up briefly; the iPod is charging.
2. To switch the device on, press
3. With MODE 39, select the mode iPod.
The sound from the iPod is played
back over the Soundstation.
4. You can now make all of the settings
(volume, playback etc.) using the re-
mote control or the buttons on the
Undocking an iPod
1. Switch the iPod off.
2. Carefully lift the iPod up and out of the
dock 1 and place the dust guard on
the dock 1.

7.2 Charging an iPod

The docked iPod is charged automatically
when the Soundstation is connected to the
power supply and is switched on at the
power switch (POWER 6 on ON). The de-
vice does not need to be switched out of
standby mode by pressing
BY 40 to do this.
The following battery displays may appear
on the iPod screen:
: The iPod battery is fully charged.
: The iPod battery is charging.

7.3 Controlling an iPod

33 ¢ 28
38 / MEM 26 Start/pause playback
4 1 38
TIP: The iPod switches off automatically
after a while if you switch to another mode
by pressing MODE 39 or if you switch off
the device by pressing
BY 40.

8. Radio

Press MODE 39 to select the desired
mode RADIO.
Setting a station
You can read the set frequency in the dis-
Fully unwind the FM antenna 8. Try
various positions in order to improve
the quality of reception.
Press 4 1 38 / 33 ¢ 28 on
the remote control or ¢ UP 20 /
4 DOWN 21 on the device to set
the desired radio station. Briefly press-
ing the buttons effects a change of
0.05 MHz.
Press 4 1 38 or 33 ¢ 28 for
approx. 2 seconds to activate the au-
tomatic search. The search stops at
Accesses the menu; press
the button repeatedly:
scroll back in the menu
36 Scroll up and down in the
Activates a highlighted
menu item
Next track; press and hold:
fast forward
Previous track; press and
hold: fast back

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents