Connecting An External Device - Silvercrest SST 50 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Docking station for ipod/iphone
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Once triggered, the alarm becomes
progressively louder.
Switching the alarm clock on and
The device must be switched to standby to
switch the alarm clock on and off. The time
is shown in the display.
Briefly press
/set 36. If the sym-
bol for Alarm 1
appears in the dis-
play, the alarm clock is switched on.
To switch the alarm clock off, briefly
and repeatedly press
until the symbol for Alarm 1
pears from the display.
Switching off the alarm
When the alarm sounds at the set time,
you have various options:
35. The alarm is silenced
and remains activated for the next day.
alarm is silenced for 9 minutes and
then sounds again. The symbol for
Alarm 1
flashes and SNOOZE ap-
pears in the display. You can use this
function repeatedly within 60 minutes
after the alarm has been triggered.
If you do not press any button, the
alarm will be silenced after 60 min-
utes. The alarm function remains acti-
vated for the next day.
Second alarm time
You can set a second alarm time with
/set 25. Proceed as for Alarm 1 and,
instead of
/set 36 use
10. Connecting an external
You can connect devices such as an MP3
player (earphone jack) or a CD player (Au-
dio Out) to the socket AUX IN 9.
WARNING! Switch off all devices before
connecting them to one another and follow
the instructions for the devices you wish to
/set 36
To connect external devices you will re-
quire an audio cable (not included in the
items supplied). One end of the cable must
have a 3.5 mm Ø jack plug for the socket
AUX IN 9. The type of plug that needs to
be at the other end depends on the audio
output of the external device.
1. Using an audio cable, connect the au-
dio output of the external device, e.g.
an MP3 player, to the socket AUX
IN 9.
2. Turn the power switch POWER 6 to
3. Press
on the Soundstation.
4. For playback, press MODE 39 to se-
lect the function AUX.
5. Then start playback on the connected
device. Playback is controlled on the
external device; the volume can be set
on the Soundstation.
6. Switch off both devices before discon-
necting them again.
/set 25 .
ON/STAND-BY 40 to switch

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents