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Precautions And General Recommendations - KitchenAid KRAB 6010 Instructions For Use Manual

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Precautions and general recommendations

• During installation, ensure the power cable is
not damaged.
• Make sure the appliance is not near a heat
• To guarantee adequate ventilation, leave a space
on both sides and above the appliance following
the installation instructions.
• Keep the appliance ventilation openings free.
• Power cable modification or replacement must
only be carried out by qualified personnel.
• Make sure the voltage specified on the rating
plate corresponds to that of your home.
• The appliance must be handled and installed by
two or more persons.
• Be careful not to damage the floors (e.g.
parquet) when moving the appliance.
• Do not use single/multi adapters or extension
• Install the appliance in a dry and well-ventilated
place. The appliance is designed for use in area
where the temperature comes within the
following ranges, according to the climatic
classification given on the rating plate. The
appliance may not work properly if it is left for
along period at a temperature above or below
the specified range.
Climatic Class
Amb. T (°C)
from 10 to 32
from 16 to 32
from 16 to 38
from 16 to 43
Pagina 5
Amb. T (°F)
from 50 to 90
from 61 to 90
from 61 to 100
from 61 to 110
• Do not store or use petrol, flammable liquids or
gas in the vicinity of this or other electrical
appliances. In fact, the fumes can cause fires or
• Do not use mechanical, electric or chemical
means other than those recommended by the
Manufacturer to speed up the defrost process.
• Do not damage the appliance refrigerant circuit
• Do not use or place electrical appliances inside
the product if they are not of the type expressly
authorised by the Manufacturer.
• This appliance should not be used by children or
people with limited physical or mental abilities
and with no experience or knowledge of its use,
unless they are supervised by someone in charge
of their safety or who has taught them how to
use the appliance. Children should not play with
the appliance.
• Do not swallow the contents (non-toxic) of the
ice packs (in some models).
• Before any maintenance or cleaning, unplug the
plug from the power socket or switch off the
electrical power.
• The Manufacturer declines any liability if
the above advice and precautions are not



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