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Installation Guidelines - KitchenAid KRAB 6010 Instructions For Use Manual

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Installation guidelines

These instructions are part and parcel of the product and provide
all the instructions that are needed for the correct installation and
maintenance of the equipment.
Users and installers should read these instructions carefully
and always refer to them. These instructions must be kept
in a known place that is easily accessible to all authorised
operators (installers, users, maintenance technicians).
This blast chiller should only be used for its intended use , i.e. for
blast chilling and shock freezing food. Any other use is considered
inappropriate and potentially dangerous.
The manufacturer accepts no liability and the warranty shall
become void in the case of damage to the equipment, to persons
or to things caused by:
• incorrect installation and/or non compliance with the laws and
legislation currently in force,
• modifications to or other work on the equipment not
approved for the specific model,
• use of spare parts that are not original or not intended for the
specific model,
• non-compliance with any of the instructions contained herein,
• non-compliance with safety regulations and other laws in force
during installation operations.
This equipment must only be installed by authorised,
trained staff in compliance with the instructions and rules
contained herein.
Before installing the equipment make sure that the existing
electrical system complies with the specifications in force and is
suitable for the rating of the equipment to be installed (V, kW, Hz,
No. of phases and power).
The installer should also check to make sure that existing fire-
prevention regulations are complied with.
The manufacturer provides with each item of equipment a
declaration of compliance with the current laws and regulations.
The equipment can be loaded onto and unloaded from the means
of transport using suitable lifting equipment or by two people
using the handles at the sides of the box (fig. 3.3).
Caution! Take all necessary precautions when moving the
equipment in order not to damage the equipment, persons or
things. Follow the instructions on the box.
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