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Installation - KitchenAid KRAB 6010 Instructions For Use Manual

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The equipment must be installed and tested in compliance with
the relevant safety laws and with any other rule and regulation in
Before installing the equipment make sure that the available
electrical system complies with the specifications in force and is
suitable for the rating of the equipment to be installed (V, kW, Hz
and power).
The equipment is supplied with a 150cm long power cable fitted
with a 16A UK plug; the socket must be fitted with a 10A fuse and
must be easily accessible.
Caution! Make sure the plug is accessible even after the unit has
been installed.
If the plug of the unit is not easily accessible, the power supply
network must be equipped with devices for omni-polar
disconnection with a distance of opening of the contacts that
allows complete disconnection in category III overload conditions.
Caution! If the entire length of the cable is not used, DO NOT
roll up the cable. Nevertheless ensure that is does not get 'in the
way' and that it does not constitute a trip hazard. Ensure the
power cable is not crushed or bent.
Caution! Ensure that the power cable does not come into
contact with any liquids or corrosive substances nor sharp or hot
Caution! Do not allow children or pets to play with the power
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