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KitchenAid KRAB 6010 Instructions For Use Manual page 12

Shock freezer
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Starting the cycles
4) Make sure that the door of the blast chiller is closed. Press
button A START/STOP to start the desired cycle.
Caution! To avoid damaging the equipment do not leave hot
food to stand inside the chamber. Start the blast chilling/shock
freezing/beverage chilling cycle IMMEDIATELY.
Caution! If in an emergency situation the cycle
has to be stopped in advance, press button A
START/ STOP to stop the equipment.
5) The end of the cycles (both in the "timer-controlled" and in the
"core-probe controlled" modes) is indicated by the sound of
the buzzer and by the flashing symbols on the display. Remove
the blast chilled/shock frozen food from the blast chiller and
store them adequately, close the door of the blast chiller and
press button A START/ STOP . The control panel will turn off
automatically within 3 minutes. In the built-in models the front
panel closes automatically.
Blast chilled and/or shock frozen food MUST NOT be stored
inside the blast chiller. The food should be adequately covered
and protected (with cling film, hermetic lids or for best results
vacuum packed) and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.
Shock frozen foods, whose shelf life in the freezer ranges from 2
to 12 months, should be identified by a label where the content,
the dated cooked and the assigned expiry date are to be written
with a permanent marker (fig.1.5).
Blast chilled food must be stored in a refrigerated cabinet at a
steady +2°C.
Shock frozen food must be stored in a freezer at a steady -20°C.
Vacuum packing (optional)
Vacuum packing extends the storage life of blast chilled food up to
15 or 21 days depending on the type of food. The food must be
vacuum packed perfectly in strict compliance with the times and
temperatures guidelines and labelled with contents, dated cooked
and expiry date with a perminent marker.
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