Site Preparation; Installing The Anti-Tip Bracket - Electrolux EI24BL10QS Use And Care Manual

Wine cooler/beverage center
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Site Preparation

1 Position the unit on a flat, level
surface capable of supporting the
entire weight of the unit. Remember
the unit will be significantly heavier
once it is fully loaded.
2 This unit requires a grounded and
polarized 115 VAC, 60Hz, 15A circuit
(normal household current).
3 Avoid connecting the unit to a Ground
Fault Interrupter (GFI). GFIs are prone
to nuisance tripping which will cause
the unit to shut down. GFIs are
generally not used on circuits which
power equipment that must run
unattended for long periods of time.
4 The unit must be installed according to
your state and local laws and regulations.
Electrical Grounding Required. This
appliance is equipped with a three
prong (grounding) polarized plug
for your protection against possible
shock hazards.
NEVER remove the round
grounding prong from the plug.
NEVER use a two-prong
grounding adapter.
NEVER use an extension cord to
connect power to the unit.
Where a two-prong wall receptacle is
encountered or a longer power cord is
required, contact a qualified electrician
to have it replaced in accordance with
applicable electrical codes.
5 Position the unit to allow free air flow
through the front grille.
6 Wipe out inside of unit with a damp
7 Be sure to install the Anti-Tip bracket.
Follow the instructions provided with
the Anti-Tip bracket kit.
Installing the Anti-Tip
Do not double stack two units
as shown below. This may cause
serious personal injury.
If your beverage center is not located
under a counter top (free standing),
you must use an anti-tip device
installed as per these instructions. If
the beverage center is removed from
its location for any reason, make sure
that the device is properly engaged
when you push the beverage center
back into the original location. If
the device is not properly engaged,
there is a risk of the beverage center
tipping over, causing property or
personal injury if you or a child stand,
sit, or lean on an open shelf.
If installing on a concrete floor, concrete
fasteners are required, (not included with
the anti-tip kit).

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