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Site Preparation; Leveling The Unit - Electrolux European Wine Tower Service Manual


Table of Contents
A - Installation

Site Preparation

1 Position the unit on a flat, level surface capable
of supporting the entire weight of the unit.
Remember the unit will be significantly heavier
once it is fully loaded.
2 This unit requires a grounded and polarized
115 VAC, 60Hz, 15A circuit (normal household
3 Avoid connecting the unit to a Ground Fault
Interruptor (GFI). GFIs are prone to nuisance
tripping which will cause the unit to shut down.
GFIs are generally not used on circuits which
power equipment that must run unattended for
long periods of time.
4 The unit must be installed according to your
state and local laws and regulations.
Electrical Grounding Required. This appliance
is equipped with a three prong (grounding)
polarized plug for your protection against
possible shock hazards.
• NEVER remove the round grounding prong
from the plug.
• NEVER use a two-prong grounding adapter.
• NEVER use an extension cord to connect
power to the unit.
Where a two-prong wall receptacle is
encountered or a longer power cord is required,
contact a qualified electrician to have it replaced
in accordance with applicable electrical codes.
5 Position the unit to allow free air flow through
the front grille.
6 Wipe out inside of unit with a damp cloth.
7 Be sure to install the Anti-Tip bracket. Follow the
instructions provided with the Anti-Tip bracket
DO NOT install the wine keeper where the
temperature will drop below 55°F (13°C) or rise
above 110°F (43°C). The compressor will not be
able to maintain proper temperatures inside the
DO NOT block the toe grille on the lower front
of your wine keeper. Sufficient air circulation
is essential for the proper operation of your
Installation clearances
• Allow the following clearances for ease of
installation, proper air circulation, and plumbing
and electrical connections:
Sides & Top
³⁄₈ inch
1 inch
If your wine keeper is placed with the door
hinge side against a wall, you may have to allow
additional space so the door can be opened wider.
The Anti-Tip Kit must be installed on this unit
before it is used. All screws supplied with the
Anti-Tip Kit are for mounting the bracket directly
to wall studs. These screws will not work if used
with sheetrock (dry wall) or anything other than
wall studs.

Leveling the Unit

Your wine keeper should be positioned to allow easy
access to a counter when removing wine. The wine
keeper should be in a position where the door can be
fully opened.
• Position the unit on a flat, level surface capable
of supporting the entire weight of the unit when
• All four corners of the cabinet must rest firmly on
the floor.
• The cabinet should be level at the front and rear.
• The sides should tilt ¼ inch (6 mm) from front
to back (to ensure that door closes and seals
This unit contains four (4) adjustable leveling legs
and two (2) adjustable rollers located near the front
leveling legs.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents