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Leveling; Leveling The Unit - Electrolux EI24BL10QS Use And Care Manual

Wine cooler/beverage center


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Leveling the Unit

Position the unit on a flat, level surface capable of supporting the entire weight of the unit
when full.
Leveling Legs
Adjustable legs at the front and rear corners of the appliance should be set so the unit
is firmly positioned on the floor and level from side to side and front to back. The overall
height of your Electrolux appliance may be adjusted between the minimum, 33 ¾"
(85.7cm),by turning the leveling leg in and the maximum, 34 ¾" (88.3cm), by turning the
leveling leg out. See Figure 2 and 2a.
To adjust the leveling legs, place the appliance on a solid surface and protect the floor
beneath the legs to avoid scratching the floor. With the assistance of another person,
lean the appliance back to access the front leveling legs. Raise or lower the legs to the
required dimension by turning the legs. Repeat this process for the rear by tilting the
appliance forward using caution. On a level surface check the appliance for levelness
and adjust accordingly.
Figure 2a
Leveling legs, 2
at the front and 2
in the rear.
Figure 2
Front Grille,
keep this area

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