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Automatic Shut-Off - Electrolux „KITE“ Bar graph Variant Service Manual

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Automatic Shut-Off

If you do not set a cooking level in a cook zone within approx. 10 seconds after switching
on of the cook field, the cook field switches off automatically.
If one or more sensor fields are covered longer than 10 seconds, e.g. by a pot placed on
it, a signal sounds and the cook field switches off automatically.
If all cook zones are switched off, the cook field switches off automatically approximately
10 seconds later.
Control panel
If one or more sensor panels in the operating panel should be covered for more than 10
second when the appliance is switched off, a buzzer sounds. The buzzer switches itself off
automatically when the sensor panels are no longer covered.
Cooking zones
If one of the cook zones is not switched off after a certain time or if the cook stage is not
changed, the appropriate cook zone switches off automatically. „- "is displayed. Before
renewed use the cook zone must be set to „0 "and be cooled down.
cooking level
DGS-TDS-N 12.07 U. H. / A. B. © Electrolux
The cooking zones are disconnected with
6 Hours
5 Hours
4 Hours
1,5 Hours
- 8 -
599 531 461 EN



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