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Alarmmanagement (Faultcodes); Error Codes For Hobs With Radiation-Heated Cooking Zones; Error Codes With Hobs With Induction Heating; Demo Mode/ Service Mode/ Alarm Error Mode - Electrolux „KITE“ Bar graph Variant Service Manual

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Alarmmanagement (Faultcodes)


Error codes for hobs with radiation-heated cooking zones

Error code

Error codes with hobs with induction heating

Please refer to Service Manual 599 519 523 for explanations on error displays in induction hobs.

Demo Mode/ Service Mode/ Alarm Error Mode

The deactivated state of the hob is the starting position.
Activate the On/Off sensor button for 3 seconds.
Activate the additional multizone connection/additional function connection sensor buttons for
both of the right cooking zones for 3 seconds. Note: the sensor buttons are not visible when
deactivated. Please refer to the manual for the exact position of the buttons. Confirmation with
an acoustic signal (2x "beep").
Pressing the timer sensor button once = DEMO MODE. This is shown by a "d" in the left timer
Pressing the timer sensor button twice = SERVICE MODE. This is shown by an "s" in the left
timer display.
Pressing of the timer sensor button three times = ALARM/ ERROR MODE.
Pressing of the timer sensor button four times = return to DEMO MODE.
If a sensor button is not activated, the normal deactivation times described in Chapter 2 have
DGS-TDS-N 12.07 U. H. / A. B. © Electrolux
Error description
Configuration alarm
Input electronic configuration
Cooling fan not connected or
Disturbed communication
between the input electronic
and power electronic
Internal electronics error
- 13 -
Error remedy
Disconnect the appliance
from the mains, wait 10
seconds and restore power.
replace power electronic is
error still displayed
Replace input electronic
Check the cooling fan
induction module and
replace if necessary
Check the conencting cable
and replace if necessary,
replace input electronic if
unsuccessful-> Replace
power electronic
Replace power electronic
599 531 461 EN



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