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Kenmore 253.70135 Use & Care Manual Page 7

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Air Conditioner Features
To use Energy Saver press the MODE button to select:
You will save energy usage in this mode. The compressor and motor will turn off once
the room is at the desired temperature.
The air will be sampled for 20 seconds every
10 minutes until the room is above the set temperature,
at which point the compressor
turns back on and the fan runs. The entire process is now repeated.
To use the Sleep feature press the SLEEP button and the LED will illuminate:
The set temperature
will increase 2 °F 30 minutes after this mode is selected. It will
increase again after 30 minutes by another 2 °F. It will stay at this set point for 7 hours,
and then return to the original setting.
To use the Timer function press the TIMER button and the LED will illuminate:
Press the UP and DOWN
arrows to select the desired time up to 24 hrs. The control will
count down the time remaining in 1 and 0.5 hr increments. If you need to change the set
press MODE then the UP/DOWN
arrows. Then after 5 seconds the display
will revert to the hours remaining.
This mode can be cancelled
by pressing the TIMER
button. The mode will operate
one time, then the above steps have to be repeated.
NOTE: Timer button is functional
when On/Off
button is set to either On or Off. When
set to On, the amount selected is the time remaining
until the unit shuts Off. When set
to Off, the amount is the time until the unit turns On.
Check Filter Feature:
Remote Sensing
After 250 hours of operation,
the Filter Reset LED will light. This is a reminder
to clean
the filter housed behind the front panel to keep the unit operating
Pressing the
FILTER RESETbutton for 3 seconds will reset this reminder
and turn off the LED.
LIGHT pulsing ( On & Off
Remote Sensing allows you to transmit the room temperature
and desired
coolness setting from where you sit to the air conditioner.
The air conditio-
ner then cools the area where you sit to your desired coolness setting.
Note: This feature can be activated
from the remote control ONLY, and
the unit must be in a cooling mode.
To activate
the remote sensing feature,
point the remote control towards
the unit and press the remote sensing Start button. Next, use the _'A V "
buttons to set the desired room temperature
with the remote. (Note that
the set temperature
will only be displayed
on the unit itself ). The LIGHT
on the unit control will pulse to indicate it received the signal. The LIGHT
on the remote control will pulse each time it sends a signal. It will periodi-
cally send this signal until the feature
is deactivated
by pressing the remo-
te sensing Stop button. If the unit does not receive the remote sensing
signal during any 200 second interval, the unit will beep to indicate the
remote sensing mode has ended. The display
on the remote control indi-
cates the temperature
at the remote ONLY.
NOTE: The Remote Sensing function is terminated
either by using the
Remote Sensing Stop button or the main ON/OFF
button on the unit.


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