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Removing Processed Foods - KitchenAid 5KFP0925BCU0 Instructions Manual

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Cut Hazard
Handle blades carefully.
Failure to do so can result in cuts.
I. Press the 0 (OFF) button.
2. Unplug the Food Processor
before disassembling.
3. Turn the work bowl cover
to the left and remove.
5. If using the mini-bowl,
grasp and remove
the bowl using the finger grips located
along the top edge of the bowl.
6. Turn the work bowl to the left to unlock it
from the base. Lift to remove.
4. If using a disc, remove it before
removing the bowl. Holding the disc by
the 2 finger grips, lift it straight up.
Remove the adapter when using the
Shredding Disc.
Finger Grip
7. The multipurpose
blade can be removed
from the work bowl before the contents
are emptied. You may also leave the blade
locked in place. Then remove food from
the bowl and blade with a spatula.