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Building In The Appliance; Weight Of The Furniture Door; Positioning The Appliance - Miele F 9122 Ui-2 Operating Instructions Manual

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Building in the appliance

Weight of the furniture door

Before fitting a furniture door, ensure
that the weight of the door does not
exceed the maximum permitted:
F 9122 Ui-2
Fitting a door front which is heavier
than the maximum permitted could
damage the hinges.
To install the appliance you will need
the following tools:
Maximum weight of
furniture door in kg

Positioning the appliance

Before pushing the appliance into
the niche loosen the two rear feet by
a half turn. This makes it easier to
adjust the feet later on (see "Aligning
the appliance").
The feet should be almost fully
screwed in when you push the
appliance into the niche. Otherwise
the feet could break off. Risk of
Make sure that the electricity cable
does not become trapped as you
push the appliance into its niche.
Make sure that the electrical socket
is easily accessible.
To avoid damaging the surface of
flooring which is susceptible to
scratching, take great care when
pushing the appliance into its niche.
^ Position the mains electricity cable so
that the appliance can be connected
easily, once installed.



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