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Installation Instructions; Power Cord; Transporting The Device; Cleaning The Device - Fujitsu E22 Touch Operating Manual

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Installation instructions

Installation instructions

Power cord

Please make sure using the correct power cord in your area.
This LCD monitor has an External universal power supply that allows operation in either
100/120V AC or 220/240V AC voltage area (no user adjustment is required).
Connect the AC-power cord into your LCD monitor's power input socket. The AC-power cord
may be connected to either a wall power outlet or the power outlet socket on your PC,
depending on the type of power cord supplied with your LCD monitor.

Transporting the device

Transport all parts separately in their original packaging or in a packaging which protects
them from knocks and jolts, to the new site.
Do not unpack them until all transportation manoeuvres are completed.
If the device is brought from a cold environment into the room where it will be used,
condensation may occur. Before operating the device, wait until it is absolutely dry and has
reached approximately the same temperature as the installation site.

Cleaning the device

Switch off the device and unplug the power plug.
Do not clean any interior parts yourself, leave this job to a service technician.
Do not use any cleaning agents that contain abrasives or may corrode plastic.
Ensure that no liquid enters the device.
The display surface of the device is sensitive to pressure and scratches. Clean it only using a soft,
slightly moistened cloth.
The surface of the casing can be cleaned with a dry cloth. If particularly dirty, use a cloth that has
been moistened in mild domestic detergent and then carefully wrung out.



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