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Technical Support (Faq) - Fujitsu E22 Touch Operating Manual

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Operating instructions

Technical support (FAQ)

Problem & Question
Power LED is not on
No Plug&Play
Picture is fuzzy
Picture bounces or a wave pattern
is present in the picture
The power LED is ON (blue) but
there's no video or no picture.
Missing one of the primary colors
Screen image is not centered or
sized properly.
Picture has color defects (white
does not look white)
Poor brightness or contrast
Horizontal or vertical disturbances
on the screen
No Signal
Input no support
Possible Solution
AC power cable should be connected to power supply and
power supply should be connected to monitor.
Check if the PC system is Plug&Play compatible.
Check if the Video Card is Plug&Play compatible.
Check if the D-15 plug pin of Video Cable is bent.
Adjust the Contrast and Brightness Controls.
Move electrical devices that may cause electrical
Computer Power Switch should be in the ON position.
Computer Video Card should be snugly seated in its slot.
Make sure monitor's video cable is properly connected to
the computer.
Inspect monitor's video cable and make sure none of the
pins are bent.
Make sure computer is operational by hitting the CAPS
LOCK key on the keyboard while observing the CAPS
LOCK LED. The LED should either turn ON or OFF after
hitting the CAPS LOCK key.
Inspect the monitor's video cable and make sure that none
of the pins are bent.
Adjust pixel frequency (CLOCK) and PHASE or press hot-
key (AUTO).
Adjust RGB color or select color temperature.
When the brightness of the screen lowers after being used
for a certain period and the function of the display is
affected, send it to our authorized service center for repair
Use win 95/98/2000/ME/XP shut-down mode Adjust
CLOCK and PHASE or perform hot-key (AUTO-key).
Check that the signal-cable is properly connected. If the
connector is loose, tighten the connector's screws.
Check the signal-cable's connection pins for damage
Your computer has been set to unsuitable display mode.
Set the computer to display mode given in the following
table in chapter "Preset operating modes", page 17.