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Care And Cleaning - Kenwood JKP200 series Instructions Manual

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before using for the first time
1 Wrap any excess cord around the
bracket on the underside of the
2 Fill to 'MAX', boil, then pour the
water away. Repeat 2 to 3 times.
hinged lid
lid release catch
on/off switch with indicator light
360° powerbase
cord wrap
water level windows
to use your kettle
1 Fill the kettle through either the
spout or lid. Open the lid by pulling
the lid release catch
pull the lid back. The water level
must be between 'MAX' and 1 cup
Be economical: do not boil more
water than you need.
To improve the quality of your drinks
always use fresh water.
Empty the kettle after each use.
2 Check the lid is closed.
3 Plug in and switch on. The indicator
light will come on.
4 Your kettle will boil and switch off
automatically. To re-boil, wait a few
seconds - the on/off switch needs
time to reset.
Note - To interrupt the boiling
ensure that the switch is in
the off position before
removing from the powerbase.
If you experience problems
with your kettle switching on
and off during use or
switching off before boiling,
check that the flat element is
free from scale - see
Your kettle is fitted with a filter to
hold back limescale particles.
If you find drops of water under your
kettle, don't worry - it is just
back. Then
boil-dry protection
If you switch on with too little water,
your kettle will cut out automatically.
Switch off, remove from the
powerbase and let it cool down
before re-filling. When it has cooled
down, the switch will reset itself.

care and cleaning

Before cleaning, unplug your kettle
and let it cool down.
the outside and powerbase
Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
Do not use abrasives - they will
scratch the plastic surfaces.
the inside
Even though your kettle comes with
a filter, you still need to clean the
inside (and the filter) regularly.
the filter
1 Open the lid by pulling the lid release
back. Then pull the lid
2 Gently lift out the filter
3 either rinse under the tap or use a
soft brush.
or when descaling your kettle, drop
the filter in too. Rinse thoroughly.
4 To re-fit the filter, slide it in until
5 Close and lock the lid by pressing
the lid down.
Regular descaling of the flat element
will improve the performance of your
kettle. If the kettle is not descaled
regularly the build up of limescale
may result in the following:
problems may be experienced
with the kettle switching on and
off during use or switching off
before boiling.
the kettle may take longer to boil.
the flat element may be damaged.
Please note: Failure to descale your
kettle may invalidate your guarantee.
When limescale starts to build up on
the heating element, buy a suitable
descaler and descale your kettle.
After descaling, boil with fresh water
several times and discard. Clean any
descaler off the kettle - it can
damage the parts.



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