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Summary of Contents for AEG S53520CTW2

  • Page 1 S53520CTW2 EN User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    10. TECHNICAL INFORMATION..................18 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if an incorrect installation and use causes injuries and damages. Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future reference.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Do not use water spray and steam to clean the • appliance. Clean the appliance with a moist soft cloth. Only use • neutral detergents. Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or metal objects. Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol •...
  • Page 5 ENGLISH installation. Make sure that there is • Do not freeze again food that has access to the mains plug after the been thawed. installation. • Obey the storage instructions on the • Do not pull the mains cable to packaging of frozen food.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3.1 Product overview Vegetable drawers Door shelves Cabinet shelves Bottle shelf DYNAMICAIR function Freezer drawers Bottle rack Rating plate Control panel...
  • Page 7: Operation

    ENGLISH 4. OPERATION 4.1 Control panel Temperature indicators LED FROSTMATIC Temperature regulator 4.2 Switching on temperature lights up. Selection is progressive, varying from 2 to 8°C. Insert the plug into the wall socket. At first button touch actual setting LED keeps blinking.
  • Page 8: Storage Of Frozen Food

    5.4 DYNAMICAIR function rating plate, a label located on the inside of the appliance. The DYNAMICAIR function let food cool The freezing process lasts 24 hours: quickly and a more constant temperature during this period do not add other food in the refrigerator.
  • Page 9: Bottle Rack

    ENGLISH 5.8 Removal of freezing Do not move the lower door shelf to ensure correct air baskets from the freezer circulation. The freezing baskets have a limit stop to prevent their accidental removal or 5.6 Movable shelves falling out. At the time of its removal from the freezer, pull the basket towards The walls of the refrigerator are yourself and, upon reaching the end...
  • Page 10: Hints And Tips

    6. HINTS AND TIPS 6.1 Normal operating sounds • For safety, store in this way only one or two days at the most. The following sounds are normal during • Cooked foods, cold dishes, etc..: operation: these should be covered and may be placed on any shelf.
  • Page 11: Care And Cleaning

    ENGLISH • it is advisable to show the freezing in • be sure that frozen foodstuffs are date on each individual pack to transferred from the foodstore to the enable you to keep tab of the storage freezer in the shortest possible time; time.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    7.6 Defrosting the freezer 4. If accessible, clean the condenser and the compressor at the back of The freezer compartment is frost free. the appliance with a brush. This means that there is no build up of This operation will improve the...
  • Page 13 ENGLISH Problem Possible cause Solution There is no voltage in the Connect a different electrical mains socket. appliance to the mains sock- et. Contact a qualified elec- trician. The appliance is noisy. The appliance is not suppor- Check if the appliance ted properly.
  • Page 14: Installation

    Problem Possible cause Solution Temperature cannot be set. The FROSTMATIC or COOL- Switch off FROSTMATIC or MATIC function is switched COOLMATIC manually, or wait until the function resets automatically to set the tem- perature. Refer to "FROST- MATIC or COOLMATIC function".
  • Page 15: Electrical Connection

    ENGLISH Climate Ambient temperature class +16°C to + 32°C +16°C to + 38°C +16°C to + 43°C Some functional problems might occur for some types of models when operating outside of that range. The correct operation can only be guaranteed within the specified temperature range.
  • Page 16: Door Reversibility

    9.5 Levelling As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not When placing the appliance ensure that correspond with the coloured markings it stands level. This can be achieved by identifying the terminals in your plug,...
  • Page 17 ENGLISH 3. Remove the door from the middle hinge pivot (2). 4. Place the cover of the upper hinge into the holes on the opposite side. 5. Screw off the screws of the middle hinge (3). 6. Remove the plugs on the upper side of both doors and move them to the other side.
  • Page 18: Technical Information

    Do a final check to make sure that: • All screws are tightened. • The magnetic seal adheres to the cabinet. • The door opens and closes correctly. If the ambient temperature is cold (i.e. in Winter), the gasket may not fit perfectly to the cabinet.
  • Page 19: Environmental Concerns

    ENGLISH The technical information are situated in internal side of the appliance and in the the rating plate, on the external or energy label. 11. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Recycle the materials with the symbol Put the packaging in applicable containers to recycle it. Help protect the environment and human health and to recycle waste of electrical and electronic appliances.
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Table of Contents