DeWalt XR LI-ION DCGG571 Original Instructions Manual

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  • Page 1 DCGG571...
  • Page 2 English (original instructions) Copyright D WALT...
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  • Page 6: Technical Data

    EN GLI SH CORDLESS GREASE GUN DCGG571 An estimation of the level of exposure to Congratulations! vibration should also take into account You have chosen a D WALT tool. Years of the times when the tool is switched off experience, thorough product development and or when it is running but not actually innovation make D WALT one of the most reliable...
  • Page 7: Defi Nitions: Safety Guidelines

    EN GL IS H information, please contact D WALT at the following Charger DCB112 address or refer to the back of the manual. Mains voltage 230 V The undersigned is responsible for compilation of the Battery type Li-Ion technical file and makes this declaration on behalf of WALT.
  • Page 8 EN GLI SH Do not expose power tools to rain or wet If devices are provided for the connection conditions. Water entering a power tool will of dust extraction and collection facilities, increase the risk of electric shock. ensure these are connected and properly used.
  • Page 9: Markings On Tool

    CAUTION: Burn hazard. To reduce equipment. the risk of injury, charge only DeWALT rechargeable battery packs. Other types • Air vents often cover moving parts and of batteries may overheat and burst should be avoided.
  • Page 10: Charging Process

    EN GLI SH limited to, steel wool, aluminum foil or • Disconnect the charger from the outlet any buildup of metallic particles should before attempting any cleaning. This will be kept away from charger cavities. reduce the risk of electric shock. Removing Always unplug the charger from the the battery pack will not reduce this risk.
  • Page 11: Important Safety Instructions For All Battery Packs

    EN GL IS H This charger will not charge a faulty battery pack. • Never force the battery pack into charger. The charger will indicate faulty battery by refusing to Do not modify the battery pack in any way light or by displaying problem pack or charger blink to fit into a non-compatible charger as pattern.
  • Page 12: Battery Pack

    EN GLI SH WARNING: Burn hazard. Battery liquid Have defective cords replaced may be flammable if exposed to spark immediately. or flame. Charge only between 4 ˚C and 40 ˚C. Battery Pack BATTERY TYPE Only for indoor use. The DCGG571 operates on an 18 volt battery pack. The DCB180, DCB181, DCB182, DCB183, Discard the battery pack with due care DCB184 and DCB185 battery packs may be used.
  • Page 13: Electrical Safety

    EN GL IS H h. Flexible hose safety spring guard Your D WALT charger is double insulated in accordance with EN 60335; therefore i. Flexible hose coupler no earth wire is required. j. Grease tube If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced k.
  • Page 14 EN GLI SH red to indicate when the switch is in its unlocked TO INSTALL THE BATTERY PACK INTO THE TOOL HANDLE position. 1. Align the battery pack (p) with the rails inside the To unlock the trigger switch, press the lock-off tool’s handle (fig.
  • Page 15 EN GL IS H IMPORTANT: The grease gun will lose its prime if 6. Release the grease tube rod (m) from the there are air pockets in the lubricant. retaining slot (o) and slowly press it back into the tube. Removing Empty Grease Cartridge 7.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    EN GLI SH 3. Fill until the rod is pushed out of the grease tube Proper hand position requires one hand on the approximately 20 cm. Do not overfill. If the rod flexible hose safety spring guard (h) with the other fails to move during the filling process, stop.
  • Page 17: Optional Accessories

    EN GL IS H air vents. Wear approved eye protection 5. Once clean, reinsert the filter into the round and approved dust mask when groove, ensuring it is fully seated, and reattach performing this procedure. the grease tube assembly to the grease gun. WARNING: Never use solvents or Optional Accessories other harsh chemicals for cleaning the...
  • Page 18: Rechargeable Battery Pack

    EN GLI SH Rechargeable Battery Pack This long life battery pack must be recharged when it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs which were easily done before. At the end of its technical life, discard it with due care for our environment: •...
  • Page 19 EN GL IS H GUARANTEE WALT is confident of the quality of its products and offers an outstanding guarantee for professional users of the product. This guarantee statement is in addition to and in no way prejudices your contractual rights as a professional user or your statutory rights as a private non-professional user.
  • Page 20 Belgique et WALT - Belgium BVBA Tel: NL 32 15 47 37 63 Luxembourg België Egide Walschaertsstraat 16 Tel: FR 32 15 47 37 64 en Luxemburg 2800 Mechelen Fax: 32 15 47 37 99 Danmark WALT Tel: 70 20 15 11

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