DeWalt XR LI-ION DCGG571 Manual

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Final page size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)


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  • Page 1 DCGG571 Final page size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)
  • Page 2 English (original instructions) Copyright D WALT...
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  • Page 6: Technical Data

    English CORDLESS GREASE GUN DCGG571 Congratulations! EC-Declaration of Conformity You have chosen a D WALT tool. Years of experience, thorough Machinery Directive product development and innovation make D WALT one of the most reliable partners for professional power tool users. Technical Data Cordless Grease Gun DCGG571 DCGG571...
  • Page 7: General Power Tool Safety Warnings

    *Date code 201911475B or later **Date code 201536 or later English Batteries Chargers/Charge Times (Minutes) Weight (kg) DCB104 DCB107 DCB112 DCB113 DCB115 DCB118 DCB132 DCB119 Cat # DCB546 18/54 6.0/2.0 1.05 DCB547 18/54 9.0/3.0 1.46 135* 135* DCB548 18/54 12.0/4.0 1.44 DCB181 0.35...
  • Page 8 English h ) Do not let familiarity gained from frequent use of contacts eyes, additionally seek medical help. Liquid tools allow you to become complacent and ignore ejected from the battery may cause irritation or burns. tool safety principles. A careless action can cause severe e ) Do not use a battery pack or tool that is damaged or injury within a fraction of a second.
  • Page 9: Residual Risks

    English WARNING: Grease and lubricants may be flammable. WARNING: Shock hazard. Do not allow any liquid to get Do not expose to flame or heat source. Follow all warnings inside charger. Electric shock may result. and instructions from grease and lubricant manufacturer. WARNING: We recommend the use of a residual current device with a residual current rating of 30mA or less.
  • Page 10: Wall Mounting

    English electric shock. Removing the battery pack will not reduce throughout the entire charging cycle and will not return to this risk. maximum charge rate even if the battery pack warms. • NEVER attempt to connect two chargers together. The DCB118 charger is equipped with an internal fan designed to cool the battery pack.
  • Page 11: Storage Recommendations

    English Do not store or use the tool and battery pack in of the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous • locations where the temperature may reach or exceed Goods Manual of Tests and Criteria. 40 ˚C (104 ˚F) (such as outside sheds or metal buildings In most instances, shipping a D WALT battery pack will be in summer).
  • Page 12: Package Contents

    English Package Contents nOTE: Battery packs should not be stored completely depleted of charge. The battery pack will need to be recharged The package contains: before use. 1 Grease gun Labels on Charger and Battery Pack 1 Charger In addition to the pictographs used in this manual, the labels 1 Li-Ion battery pack (C1, D1, L1, M1, P1, S1, T1, X1, Y1 models) on the charger and the battery pack may show the following 2 Li-Ion battery packs (C2, D2, L2, M2, P2, S2, T2, X2, Y2 models)
  • Page 13: Assembly And Adjustments

    English Intended Use WARNING: The grease gun may generate high pressure. Do not remove or tamper with the pressure This grease gun is designed for professionally relief valve. Serious injury may occur. dispensing lubricant. DO nOT use under wet conditions or in the presence of Shoulder Strap (Fig.
  • Page 14 English 5. Thread the grease tube assembly  back into the grease 7. Use the purge valve ( , Fig. E) to bleed off any air that may  14   24  gun and screw it in securely. be trapped in the cartridge. Refer to Purging Air Pockets. 6.
  • Page 15: Operation

    English 3. Uncap the flexible hose  then depress the variable speed installing attachments or accessories. An accidental  7  trigger switch   1  for 10–20 seconds. start-up can cause injury. 4. If grease fails to flow through the hose, repeat from step 1. The charger and battery pack are not serviceable. nOTE: This tool has been tested at the factory, which may result in a small amount of grease left in the grease tube and hose assembly.
  • Page 16: Optional Accessories

    English 5. Once clean, reinsert the filter into the round groove, Please recycle electrical products and batteries according to local ensuring it is fully seated, and reattach the grease tube provisions. Further information is available at assembly to the grease gun. Rechargeable Battery Pack Optional Accessories This long life battery pack must be recharged when it fails...
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