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Removing The Packaging - GE GXS05WLS Owner's Manual And Installation

Wine chiller
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Table of Contents
Installing the wine chiller.
To raise the wine chiller

Removing the Packaging

Before using the wine chiller, be sure all packing materials and tape have been
removed, including any protective film covering the control and any film protecting
the cabinet.
If you are discarding an old refrigeration product, remove the doors to reduce the
danger of children being trapped inside.
Installation Guidelines
The wine chiller must be freestanding .
Allow the following clearances for ease
of installation, proper air circulation and
electrical connections:
Each side
2" (51 mm)
2" (51 mm)
3" (51 mm)
Before connecting the appliance to the
power source, let it stand upright for
approximately 2 hours . This will reduce
the possibility of a malfunction in the
cooling system from handling during
transporation .
Installation of Handle
The handle should be found inside the wine
chiller .
Handle mounting
pins (2)
1 . Set the handle on the 2 mounting pins .
Leveling Legs
Adjustable legs at the front corners of the
wine chiller should be set so the wine chiller
is firmly positioned on the floor, with a 1/8"
(3 mm) tilt to the back to help the door
closure .
To adjust the leveling legs, turn the
legs clockwise to raise the wine chiller,
counterclockwise to lower it .
Interior Light (available on some Models)
You can turn the light ON or OFF by pushing the light switch located on the right side of
the control panel housing . If the interior light is left on, the temperature will be higher .
Loading the Wine
As with any refrigeration product, there is a slight temperature variance at different
locations within each compartment . The lower shelves provide a slightly cooler
temperature than the upper shelves .
Do not install the wine chiller where the
temperature will go below 55°F (13°C) or
above 90°F (32°C) .
Install it on a level floor .
Do not install the wine chiller where it
will be subject to direct sunlight, heat or
moisture .
Do not store or install this appliance
outdoors .
The following models must be installed
on the floor: GWS04, GCS04 .
Handle mounting
screws (2)
(located on the
Allen key
2 . Tighten down the 2 mounting screws of
the handle with the Allen key .


Table of Contents

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