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GE Wine Vault Owner's Manual

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Monogram Wine Vault
Owner's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for GE Wine Vault

  • Page 1 Monogram Wine Vault Owner’s Manual Monogram ®...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Important Safety Information ....4, 5 A Quick Tour of Your Wine Vault ....6, 7 The Cellar Management System .
  • Page 3 This spacious, self-contained storage unit is designed to help you protect your precious wine collection as it matures. From consistent temperatures to total inventory control, the Monogram Wine Vault manages your collection as if it were your personal sommelier. The Monogram Wine Vault’s elegant design cradles and showcases your...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    If standing water is apparent, turn off the power at the main breaker before approaching the wine vault. Do not walk or store items on the roof of the wine vault. It is not designed to carry additional weight. Before replacing a burned-out light bulb, turn the motion sensor to off. See the Interior Lighting System section.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    3-prong twist-lock wall outlet. Do not use a GFI (Ground Fault Interruptor) for the wine vault outlet. This unit must be plugged into a dedicated 30-Amp, 120 VAC circuit.
  • Page 6: A Quick Tour Of Your Wine Vault

    A QUICK TOUR OF YOUR WINE VAULT The illustrations below highlight many of the most important components of your Monogram Wine Vault. Please take time to familiarize yourself with these components; they will be referenced throughout this manual. Exterior Features...
  • Page 7 Interior Features – Tasting Racking System Storage for magnum bottles Rope lighting system shows off your wine collection Diamond bins Redwood storage racks hold a variety of bottle sizes and cases Interior Features – Storage Racking System Storage for magnum bottles Redwood storage racks (model ZWVT1000SR)
  • Page 8: The Cellar Management System

    THE CELLAR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The GE Monogram ® Cellar Management System is like your own personal wine expert, always available to help you keep your wine collection in peak form and choose the perfect wine for your enjoyment. The system comes preprogrammed with information about thousands of wines.
  • Page 9: Key Parts And Controls

    Scanner – Scan bottles as they are removed to take them out of inventory. Power Cord – Connects to the wine vault power system. Ethernet Network Port – Connects to your home computer network.
  • Page 10: Key Areas Of The Cellar Management System

    Reminder: If you have high-speed Internet access at your cellar and register your wine vault at, GE will also save a copy of your wine data weekly to the GE central server. In vino veritas [In wine is truth]. — Proverb...
  • Page 11: Tips For Stocking Your Cellar The First Time

    My Profile View your profile information, including confirmation of online access. My Preferences Change the style of your printed bottle label or software preferences by going to the Manage My Cellar area of your software. Software Security Preference The Software Security button located under My Profile in the Manage My Cellar section allows you to password-protect your software according to your preferences.
  • Page 12: The Cooling System

    Most wines will be stored in conditions of 50% to 70% humidity. The unit will not remove excess humidity from the wine vault. In a humid climate, you may need to find a means to remove humidity, such as a dehumidifier. In a dry climate, you may need to find a means to add humidity, such as a fountain.
  • Page 13 In most environments, the Condensate Evaporator Switch should be kept in the ON position. If your wine vault is located in a dry climate, excess water may not accumulate in the evaporator pan. In this case, turn the Condensate Evaporator Switch to the AUTO setting to save electricity.
  • Page 14 THE COOLING SYSTEM Operating the Cooling System The unit is set to 55°F at the factory. The temperature of wine caves in Europe is typically 55°F, the temperature wine collectors strive to match. Pressing the SET button will display the set temperature. To increase or decrease the set temperature, press and hold the SET button while pressing the UP arrow or DOWN arrow until the desired temperature is displayed.
  • Page 15 Additional Cooling System Features To ensure efficient operation and a long service life, the cooling system also includes: A built-in Defrost Cycle, which shuts the unit off periodically in order to prevent frost buildup. Heavy-duty circuitry to resist power surges.
  • Page 16 Step 3: Place the bottle with probe in a central location out of the direct path of the air coming from the cooling unit (see recommended location) in your wine vault. Avoid stretching the probe cord. It may become disconnected, resulting in the unit not working properly.
  • Page 17: Temperature Display

    Vault Room Temperature Display The wine vault features a digital temperature display on the exterior of the vault, next to the door. This digital display shows the wine vault air temperature surrounding the bottles. The ambient air temperature is monitored by the dry probe in the wine vault.
  • Page 18: Lockable Entry Door

    LOCKABLE ENTRY DOOR Your GE Monogram Wine Vault features a lockable, auto-closing door that is designed to protect your wine collection from unauthorized access. WARNING! Be careful closing and opening the door when children are in the area. Keep fingers out of “pinch point” areas around the door.
  • Page 19: Redwood Wine Racks

    Do not apply a stain or wood preservative to the redwood racks. The racks must be left unfinished and unpolished to enable them to breath and flex. In addition, stain may cause an odor within the wine vault. The natural redwood will darken in color as it ages. A new unit will have lighter colored racks;...
  • Page 20 REDWOOD WINE RACKS Tasting Racks (model ZWVT1000SR) The Tasting Rack System offers attractive racks with several unique display and storage features. Diamond Bins Convenient Diamond Bins are designed to accommodate most bottle sizes and also feature removable slats to allow room for storing cases. Simply slide the angled divider slat out to store cases;...
  • Page 21 Taster’s Alcove The Taster’s Alcove provides an impressive setting for sampling or sharing a glass with fellow wine aficionados. Unique features include: • Angled bottle display racks hold the bottle at a 12° angle to showcase your favorite bottles of wine while keeping the cork moist (assuming that the wine is in good condition and at a proper fill level).
  • Page 22: Interior Lighting System

    The exterior rocker switch allows you to illuminate the wine vault before entering. Remember to turn off the light when exiting the wine vault. If the lights remain on for an extended period of time, they may increase the overall wine vault temperature.
  • Page 23 (with Tasting Rack model ZWVT1000SR only) The rope lighting system is controlled with a rocker switch on the exterior wall of the wine vault, next to the door. The rope lights plug into an outlet on the interior of the wine vault, just inside the door.
  • Page 24: Care And Cleaning

    Your GE Monogram ® Wine Vault is designed to give you many years of service with minimal maintenance. To help ensure the continued beauty and durability of your wine vault, please follow the Care and Cleaning instructions at the recommended intervals.
  • Page 25 The sealed system helps eliminate most airborne dust and contaminants when the wine vault is left unopened. Under normal use, cleaning the inside would consist of vacuuming the floor and the cooling system vent on the inside of the wine vault every six months. Maintaining the Redwood Racks To clean up spills, use a damp sponge with warm water and rinse thoroughly;...
  • Page 26 CARE AND CLEANING Cleaning the Interior of the Wine Vault Cleaning the Liquid Probe Step 1 Check the water level in the liquid probe every 6 months. Make sure that it is approximately 3/4 full. Step 2 Use warm water and baking soda solution clean the probe and wine bottle.
  • Page 27 Replacing Halogen Bulbs The halogen bulbs used in the ceiling lighting of the wine vault will provide years of service under normal operating conditions. However, should a bulb burn out, refer to the following instructions to replace the bulb. WARNING! Halogen bulbs generate intense heat.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Normal Sounds You May Hear Sound Continuous humming. Whirring sound. Ceiling Lighting Ceiling lights do not come on. Possible Cause Light bulb(s) need to be replaced. Rope Lighting Rope lights do not come on (ZWVT1000SR models only). Possible Cause Controls are set to OFF.
  • Page 29 Racks show nicks, scrapes, or dents. Possible Cause Recommended Solution This is normal. A well-used wine vault will eventually gain the appearance of a beautifully aged cellar. See Cleaning the Interior of the Wine Vault. Bottle fits loosely in rack.
  • Page 30 Cooling Unit does not operate. Possible Cause Power switch set to OFF. Power cord unplugged. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Wine Vault is too cold. Possible Cause Thermostat not set correctly. Liquid probe in incorrect location or not connected Exterior room temperature is below 45°F.
  • Page 31 Compressor motor operates for long periods. Possible Cause Recommended Solution This is normal. Allow 48–120 hours for the unit to reach the set temperature when first installed. The cooling unit will run often due to its gentle cooling operation. Operation of the fan is normal, due to the large volume of interior space that must be cooled.
  • Page 32: Consumer Services

    In-Home Repair Service Contact Monogram Wine Vault Line customer service or the dealer from which you purchased the Monogram Wine Vault for expert repair service, scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you. For repair service to the redwood wine racks ONLY after the one-year warranty period has ended, please contact APEX at 888-999-9749.
  • Page 33: Warranty

    Monogram Wine Vault line at 877.234.WINE (877.234.9463). What is Covered For Products General Electric Company (“GE” or “we” or “us”) warrants the Monogram Wine Vault against defects in material or workmanship in the following manner: GE MONOGRAM WINE VAULT WARRANTY GE provides a limited warranty on only three major components of your GE Monogram Wine Vault—the external shell, the cooling system, and the electronics products, as defined below.
  • Page 35: Warranty

    Limited Storage Device Warranty. If the storage device (such as flash drive) on which the backup data is stored is defective, GE will replace the device upon your written request to GE, including a dated receipt or packing slip. A replacement device will be mailed to You within 60 days of GE’s receipt of Your request.
  • Page 36: Appendix

    APPENDIX–VINOLOGY The following terms are commonly used in the wine industry and are also referenced within this guidebook. Wine Terms Term Definition APPELLATION The Appellation of Origin refers to the region in a country where the majority of grapes used in a wine are grown. DESIGNATION Refers to the vineyard producing the grapes or a unique producer label.
  • Page 37 Bottle Sizes The chart below describes the most common bottle types and sizes used for wine. Individual regions may have additional sizes and names unique to that region. Capacity Name Description 375 ml “Dessert Wine” Contains one-half a standard 750 ml bottle. 750 ml Bottle or “Fifth”...
  • Page 38: The Perfect Serve

    The 20/20 Rule 20/20 Rule of Thumb for Serving Temperatures Your wine vault is designed to maintain an optimal wine storage temperature of 55°F for both red and white wines. To allow the wine to arrive at approximate serving temperature, use the 20/20 rule of thumb.
  • Page 39 Ideal Serving Temperatures ® The Monogram Wine Vault is designed to store wine at the proper long-term storage temperature of 55°F. Storage temperatures and serving temperatures can be quite different. The temperature ranges shown below are the suggested serving temperatures.
  • Page 40 GE Consumer & Industrial Appliances General Electric Company Louisville, KY 40225 Models: ZWVS1000SR, Storage Racking System ZWVT1000SR, Tasting Racking System 49-60373-1 197D6634P001 12-06 JR...