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Care And Cleaning; Cleaning The Outside; Cleaning The Inside - GE GXS05WLS Owner's Manual And Installation

Wine chiller
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Care and cleaning.

Cleaning the Outside

IMPORTANT: Unplug the wine chiller
before cleaning.
Keep the outside clean. The cabinet can
be washed with mild soap and water . Rinse
thoroughly with clear water .
Never use abrasive scouring powders .
Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and water
and a soft cloth to clean the glass door . Do
not use any abrasive powders .
Wipe the control panel with a damp cloth .
Dry thoroughly . Do not use cleaning sprays,
large amounts of soap and water, abrasives
or sharp objects on the panel—they can
damage it . Some paper towels can also
scratch the control panel .
Do not wipe the wine chiller with a soiled
dishcloth or towel. These may leave a residue
that can erode the paint. Do not use scouring
pads, powdered cleaners, bleach or cleaners
containing bleach because these products
can scratch and weaken the paint finish.

Cleaning the Inside

IMPORTANT: Unplug the wine chiller
before cleaning.
To clean the inner liner and racks, use
a warm water and baking soda solution—
about one tablespoon (15 mL) of baking
soda to a quart (1 liter) of water . This both
cleans and neutralizes odors .
Rinse and wipe dry .
Defrost whenever frost on the inside
surfaces of the storage area becomes 1/8"
(3 mm) thick.
Never use a heater of any kind, scraper
or sharp instrument to remove frost as it
may damage the wine chiller.
To defrost, unplug the wine chiller . Remove
the contents and wipe inside surfaces and
In the Event of a Power Failure
If the power fails, open the door as
infrequently as possible to maintain
the temperature . A gradual rise in
temperature should not have any
adverse effect on the wine .
If it is extremely hot, you may want to
unload the wine from the wine chiller and
move the wine to a cooler location until
power is restored .
Stainless steel. Regularly clean and polish
the stainless steel areas (on some models)
with a commercially available stainless
steel cleaner such as Gleem-it
and protect the fine finish . Gleem-it
available at leading hardware stores . It is
also available through our website,
GEAppliances .ca, or call 1 . 8 88 . 2 61 . 3 055 .
Order part number WX10X15 .
Do not use appliance wax or polish on the
stainless steel .
Protect the paint finish. The finish on
the outside of the wine chiller is a
high-quality, baked-on paint finish .
With proper care, it will stay new-looking
and rust-free for years . Apply a coat of
kitchen/appliance wax when the wine
chiller is new, and then at least twice
a year .
The vinyl door gasket may be cleaned
with mild soap and water or a baking soda
solution . Rinse well .
Do not use detergents, scouring powders,
spray cleaners or other harsh chemicals
to clean the interior.
racks with a clean towel . If frost does not
come off easily, allow the frost to melt
somewhat and wipe off .
After defrosting, make sure inside surfaces
are dry; then return the contents to the
wine chiller and set the temperature control
to the desired setting .
When power is restored, the controls
automatically are set to the Factory
Setting 50°F (10°C) . If needed, reset the
controls to the desired setting .
to preserve


Table of Contents

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