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GE GXS05WLS Owner's Manual And Installation page 6

Wine chiller
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About the controls and settings.
In order to extend the compressor life, please restart wine cooler after waiting 3 minutes .
Memory Function:
The cooler has a power off memory function . When power comes on again, the wine cooler will
operate according to the setting mode before the power went off .
Fault Indication:
• If there is failure on the sensor, the screen may display failure codes, such as: "E" and "F" .
When the screen displays these errors, please do not disassemble it or check by yourself . You
should contact an authorized service person for repair .
• If the temperature in the cooler is too low, it will display "L" .
• When the temperature in the cooler is too high, the screen will display "H" and will flash . Under
this state, the buzzer will buzz once every second for 30 seconds; This will repeat one minute
later, the buzzer will continue to give alarm for another 30 seconds; After the alarm is given
three times, it will not give alarm any more . You can press any key to cancel the alarm sound .
Call for service if any of the above error messages show .
You should touch the temperature control panel softly as the panel is touch screen control . Please
protect the touch control panel carefully to avoid scratching,keep far away from strong magnetic
fields and high humidity, or it can cause wine cooler to not work properly .
During the operation of the wine chiller, the back wall of the chilling chamber can form water balls
or frost . This is normal . You do not need to defrost or wipe off water drops because the back wall
will defrost automatically . The defrosted water will be collected into a discharge channel and the
water will flow to the water receiver above the compressor and will evaporate there .
When there is too much frost at the back of inner side of cabinet, please turn off the power
until the defrosting is finished.
Due to the air circulation in the wine cooler, some areas with different temperatures are
• The upper area has the highest temperature.
• The lower area has the lowest temperature.
Placement of Beverage
Please store different wines according to the following sequence from top to bottom:
• Strong red wine
• Rose wine and gentle red wine
• White wine
• Champaign and light sparkling wine
We recommend you store wines at the following temperatures:
Bordeaux red
Burgundy red/Bordeaux red
Young Burgundy red
Young red wine
All white wines with little residual sugar
Old white wines/Chardonnay
Young white wines from late vintage
White wines
Wine Type
Drinking Temperature


Table of Contents

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