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Tiger JAX-T10U Operating Instructions Manual Page 10

Electric rice cooker.
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Cleaning the rice cooker
Wait until the rice cooker has cooled
down before cleaning it.
Failure to do so may result in burns.
Do not wash the entire rice cooker.
Do not wash the entire rice cooker or
pour water into the rice cooker or its
bottom section. Doing so may result in
short-circuiting or electric shock.
„ Cautions towards enabling the
long-term use of this rice cooker
● Remove burned rice and any other remaining
grains of rice.
Failure to do so may cause steam to leak out or
the contents to boil over, resulting in a malfunction
of the unit or simply in improperly cooked rice.
● Do not cover the rice cooker with a cloth or other
object during cooking.
Doing so may cause the rice cooker or the lid to
become deformed or discolored.
● The holes on the rice cooker are designed
to maintain its functions and performance. In
extremely rare cases, dust or even insects may
enter these holes and cause a malfunction. To
prevent this, a commercially available insect-
prevention sheet, etc., is recommended. If a
malfunction does occur due to this problem, it will
not be covered by warranty. Contact the place of
● The inner pot's fluorocarbon resin coating may
wear and peel with extended use. This material is
harmless to humans and this situation presents no
hindrance to actual cooking or to the rice cooker's
heat insulating capability.
If you would like, or if the inner pot becomes
deformed or corroded, a new one may be
purchased. Contact the place of purchase.
*1 "During cooking" means while cooking rice as well as other types of cooking.
● Strictly observe the following to keep the
fluorocarbon resin coating from blistering or
• Do not place the inner pot over a gas fire, or
use it on an electromagnetic cooker or in a
microwave oven, etc.
• Use the Keep Warm function for white rice
(rinse-free rice) only; do not use for seasoned
rice, etc.
• Do not use vinegar inside the inner pot.
• Use only the supplied spatula or a wooden
• Do not use hard utensils such as metal
ladles, spoons, or whisks.
• Do not place a basket inside the inner pot.
• Do not place tableware and other hard
utensils or objects inside the inner pot.
• Do not clean the inner pot with hard materials
such as metal spatulas or nylon scouring
• Do not use a dishwasher/dryer to clean the
inner pot.
• Be careful not to scratch the inner pot when
washing rice.
• If the inner pot becomes deformed, contact
the place of purchase.



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