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Sym Joyride 200 EFi User Manual

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SANYANG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. warrants that this exhaust system, at the time of sale,
meets all applicable U.S. EPA Federal noise standards. This warranty extends to the first
person who buys this exhaust system for purposes other than resale, and to all subsequent
buyers. Warranty claims should be directed to:
3,chung-Hua Road, Hukou, Hsin-Chu Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel:+886 35981911
Tampering with noise control system prohibited. Federal law prohibits the following acts or
causing thereof:
(1) The removal or rendering inoperative by any person other than for purposes of
maintenance, repair, or replacement, of any device or element of design incorporated
into any new vehicle for the purpose of noise control prior to its sale or delivery to the
ultimate purchaser or while it is in use, or
(2) The use of the vehicle after such device or element of design has been removed or
rendered inoperative by any person.
Among those acts presumed to constitute tampering are the acts listed below.
(1) Removal of, or puncturing the muffler, baffles, header pipes or any other component
which conducts exhaust gases.
(2) Removal or puncturing of any part of the intake system.
(3) Lack of proper maintenance.
Replacing any moving part of the vehicle, or parts of the exhaust or intake system, with parts
other than those specified by the manufacturer .


Always wear your helmet (dot approved) correctly fastened. Do not carry loose items and
always wear suitable protective clothes, and protective eyewear.
Good psychophysical conditions are very important for safe operation.
Do not operate under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
Do not operate in state of physical fatigue or drowsiness.
Slow down on slippery surfaces , unfamiliar terrain and when visibility is reduced.
Be alert when operating this vehicle.
Do not exceed weight capacity.
The safety, stability and handling of this motorcycle may be adversely affected by the
addition of accessories or luggage.
Do not install accessory or replacement parts not approved by sym.
Failure to follow these warnings could lead to an accident, serious injuries or death.
Use unleaded fuel octane rating (R+M)/2 method of between 87&92.
Read owners manual carefully before operating this scooter.
Obey posted speed limit and other traffic signs and signals.
Fax:+886 35981844



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  Summary of Contents for Sym Joyride 200 EFi

  • Page 1: Safety Information

    The safety, stability and handling of this motorcycle may be adversely affected by the addition of accessories or luggage. Do not install accessory or replacement parts not approved by sym. Failure to follow these warnings could lead to an accident, serious injuries or death.
  • Page 2 4. SAFETY DEFECT REPORT SANYANG INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. NO. 3,chung-Hua Road Hukou Shiang Hsin-Chu County, 303 Taiwan, R.O.C Reporting Safety Defects If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in addition to notifying Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1. Contents ........................1 2. Control Location......................3 3. Before Riding ........................ 4 4. Safe Riding ........................4 5. Driving ........................... 5 6. Use Genuine Spare Parts ..................... 5 7. Use of Each Component ....................6 ........................... 6 Gauges ....................8 Operation of Ignition Switch .........................
  • Page 4 ....................21 Checking the Brake Light ....................21 Checking for Fuel Leakage ............. 21 Checking the Lubrication of Body’s Various Mechanisms ....................21 Checking the Spark Plug ....................21 Cooling system inspection ....................22 Replenishment of coolant .... 22 A reference table for anti-freeze concentration percentages under different temperatures ....................
  • Page 5: Control Location

    ENG. Stop / Light / Starter switch Turn signal light seat open / High & Low beam / Turn signal / Horn switch Fuel tank cap Fuses Helmet hook Frame number Tail light/ Head light Turn signal light Side stand Main stand Fuel tank cap Ignition switch...
  • Page 6: Before Riding

    This manual describes the correct usage of this scooter including safety riding, simple inspection methods and so on. For a more comfortable and safety riding, please read this manual carefully. For your benefit, please ask your SANYANG dealer the operating manual and carefully read the following: •...
  • Page 7: Driving

    Also, it may result in unexpected troubles and lower the scooter’s performance. • Always use SYM Genuine Spare Parts to keep your scooters pure blood and to ensure its long service life.
  • Page 8: Use Of Each Component

    (The following is SYM 4 stroke liquid cooling scooter’s basic operation, and they could vary from different individual models. Please consult the end of this manual.) Gauges Speedometer Turn Signal Indicator Turn Signal Indicator Water temperature gauge High Beam Indicator...
  • Page 9 • Water temperature gauge To indicate engine coolant temperature. When the main switch turns to “ON”, the pointer indicator should be below the (H) position when the scooter is operating. If the pointer indicator stays above (H) position. Please check the coolant level of spare coolant tank and heck cooling fan for proper operation.
  • Page 10: Operation Of Ignition Switch

    OPERATION OF IGNITION SWITCH IGNITION SWITCH "Start" position • Engine can be started in this position. • Ignition switch key can not be removed. "Stop" position • Engine is shut off and can not be started in this position . •...
  • Page 11 • Light Switches When the switch is turned to this position as the engine is being started, headlight, rear light, instrument panel light, and position light will come on. When the switch is turned to this position as the engine is being started, rear light, instrument panel light, and position light will come on.
  • Page 12: Safety Helmet Hook

    • Turn Signal Switch Turn signal lights are used when turning left/right or changing lane. Turn ignition switch to “ON”, and slide the turn signal switch to left or right. Then, the turn signal lights will flash. To release, simply return the turn signal light button to the original position. Right-side turn signal light flashing means you intend to make a right turn.
  • Page 13: Fuel Tank Cap

    FUEL TANK CAP 1. Insert ignition switch key into the ignition switch, and turn the key to the left, then the cap can be removed. 2. Do not fill above the fuel upper limit when refueling. 3. Turn the fuel tank cap right, and simply push the fuel tank cap.
  • Page 14: Important Points And Cautions For Starting Engine

    CAUTION: • Please check the engine oil and fuel volume are adequate or not before starting engine. • To start engine the main parking stand must be firmly on the ground and the brake is applied on the rear wheel to prevent the scooter from moving forward suddenly. Turn ignition switch key to the “ON”...
  • Page 15: The Best Way To Drive Off

    • Turn on the turn signal light before moving, and make sure no vehicle is coming from behind. Then, drive off. THE CONTROL OF THROTTLE VALVE HANDLE Acceleration : To increase speed. When riding on Deceleration an inclined road, turn the throttle Acceleration valve handle slowly to allow the engine to output its power.
  • Page 16: Inspection And Maintenance Before Riding

    Do the previous troubles still exist? CAUTION: • If any problem founded during routine inspection, correct the problem before using the scooter again, have your scooter checked and repaired by the “SYM dealer or authorized service personnel” if necessary. ENGINE OIL INSPECTION AND CHANGE INSPECTION: 1.
  • Page 17: Fuel Inspection

    • Install the drain bolt and tighten it. Fill new transmission oil (90~100 cc.), and install the infusion bolt and tighten it. (make sure that bolts are tightened and check that there’s no leakage.) ※ Recommend Oil: Genuine SYM HYPOID GEAR OIL (SAE 85W-140). ※ Use SAE85-90 when outside temperature is below 0℃.
  • Page 18: Disc Brake Inspection (Depending On Models)

    Adjustment:﹙Drum type﹚ • The indentation of brake adjustment nut must be aligned with the pin. (see below figure) Adjustment CAUTION: When free play is between 10~20 mm, check brake indicators of front and rear wheels. If the arrow on the brake arm aligned with the “△” marked on the brake disk, that means the brake lining has been excessively worn, and must be replaced immediately.
  • Page 19: Throttle Valve Handle Clearance Adjustment

    ﹙Checking front brake lining﹚ ﹙Checking oil quantity in brake oil reservoir﹚ • • Park the scooter on a level ground, and check Check the brake from behind the brake caliper. The brake pad must be replaced with if fluid level is under the “LOWER” mark. new lining when the brake pad wear limit Recommended Brake Fluid: WELL RUN reaches the brake disk.
  • Page 20: Inspection And Maintenance Of Battery

    INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE OF BATTERY • This scooter is equipped with a maintenance-free type battery, so it is unnecessary to check and add electrolyte. Have your scooter checked by SYM Authorized Dealer or Franchised Dealer should any abnormality is found.
  • Page 21: Tire Inspection

    • Check steering handle if it is being pulled too tight by the brake cables. • Take your scooter to SYM Authorized Dealer or Franchised Dealer for a check or adjustment if any abnormal conditions are found.
  • Page 22: Checking And Changing Fuses

    REAR CUSHION HARDNESS SETTING The rear cushion is 5 stage adjustable type. It’s set at 3th stage when manufactured, and you can adjust it depending on your need. Turn the adjust collar of the ushion to adjust it’s hardness. CAUTION: •...
  • Page 23: Checking The Front And Rear Lights

    CHECKING THE FRONT AND REAR LIGHTS • Start engine and turn on the head lamp switch. Check if head lamp and rear lamp come on. • Check the brightness and direction of front light by wall to see if it is correct. •...
  • Page 24: Replenishment Of Coolant

    (below 0℃) A reference table for anti-freeze concentration percentages under different temperatures 1. Radiator anti-freeze specification for this scooter is H68. (SYM Bramax radiator agent) 2. Proper anti-freeze percentages for different frozen temperatures are as follows:...
  • Page 25: Checking The Air Cleaner

    CHECKING THE AIR CLEANER Screw 《DISASSEMBLE PRCEDURE》 1. Remove mounting screws from air cleaner cover. 2. Remove the air cleaner cover, then remove filter element. 3. Take the element out and clean it. (Refer to maintenance schedule.) 《ASSEMBLE PRCEDURE》 • Assemble the air cleaner in reverse order of disassemble.
  • Page 26: When There Is An Abnormal Condition Or A Trouble

    【Have your scooter checked by SYM authorized dealer or franchised dealer immediately if there are no problems with the above items and engine still can not be started.】 11.When there is an Abnormal Condition or a Trouble...
  • Page 27: Electrical Ignition System

    • If the scooter is operated in high attitude (where the atmosphere pressure is lower), it is suggested that the air/fuel ratio should be readjusted to maximize the engine performance. 14. TRANSMISSION OIL • Recommended Oil: Genuine SYM HYPOID GEAR OIL (SAE 85W-140) • Use SAE85-90 when outside temperature is below 0℃. 15. CAUTIONS FOR RIDING SCOOTER 1.
  • Page 28: Periodical Maintenance Schedule

    ☆The above maintenance schedule is established by taking the monthly 1,000 kilometers as a reference which ever comes first. ※Have your scooter checked and adjusted periodically by your SYM Authorized Dealer or Franchised Dealer to maintain the scooter at the optimum condition.
  • Page 29: Specification

    Joyride 200 EFi Joyride 125 Model LF18W-6 LF12W-6 Item Specification length 2,100mm(82.7 in) width 760 mm(29.9 in) Height 1,390 mm(54.7 in) Wheel base 1,440 mm(56.7 in) Net Weight 156 kg(343.9 lb) Type 4- stroke 4V electroplated ceramic cylinders engine Fuel...

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