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Did Trunk Card - Didtr/8 (vb-44520); Interface Card - T-1 (vb-44550); Trunk Mdf Interface - Mdf-co (vb-44512); Voice Over Ip Trunk Card - Voip-trk (vb-44550) - Panasonic DBS 576 Technical Manual

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DID Trunk Card - DIDTR/8 (VB-44520)

This card supports 8
DID incoming CO lines using Immediate and Wink signaling methods.
The DID can be either Dial Pulse (10PPS) or DTMF (only for Wink). DTMF circuits are used when the
Wink method is selected.
An internal –48V Power Supply (VB-44022) must be installed in the same cabinet with the DID Trunk
T-1 Interface Card - T-1 (VB-44550)
The T-1 interface is a digital CO line card that provides up to 24 voice channels over a four-wire
The T-1 card can be set to support either 8, 16, or 24 channels. When the card is set for 16 channels,
the card logically occupies 2
flexible card slots. When the card is set for 24 channels, the
card logically occupies 3
flexible card slots.
Unlike most other cards, due to the interaction between card slots, the T-1 card must be installed in
selected flexible card slots. Up to 3 T-1 cards can be installed in a single cabinet. A fully configured 6-
cabinet system can support up to 18 T-1 cards.
The T-1 interface requires a DSU (Digital Service Unit) for connection to the carrier circuit. A Network
Sync card
is also required.

Trunk MDF Interface - MDF-CO (VB-44512)

The Trunk MDF interface card provides easy connection from the cabinet to the MDF via standard
female 25-pair cables. This card supports Loop Start, Ground Start, and DID trunks. Since each of
these trunk cards uses modular connectors, connection can be made directly to the modular
connectors, bypassing the MDF if so desired.
Each Trunk MDF Interface Card can support up to three trunk cards (24 trunk circuits). Up to 10 Trunk
MDF Interface Cards can be installed in each cabinet. MDF cards attach to the sides of the cabinet
and are hidden by the housing for a neat appearance.

Voice over IP Trunk Card - VoIP-TRK (VB-44550)

The VoIP-TRK/8 Voice over IP Trunk Card provides 8 voice channels over an IP network line. The
card connects to a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) with an RJ-45 connector.
The VoIP-TRK/8 card is equipped with one CODEC/8 voice processing unit. One additional
CODEC/8 unit (VB-445801) can be mounted on the card to provide 16 voice channels.

Extension Cards

Digital Extension Card - DEC/8 (VB-44610)

This card provides 8 digital circuits. Each circuit supports the Panasonic Digital Key Telephone, Digital
Single Line Telephone, DSS/72, and EM/24. Supply voltage for the telephones is supplied by the
digital circuits.
This card can be installed in any flexible slot.

Analog Extension Card - AEC/8 (VB-44520)

This card provides 8 analog circuits. Each circuit supports standard analog telephone devices such as
analog telephones, answering machines, fax machines, modems, cordless telephones, etc. The
connected device(s) can be either pulse dial (rotary) or DTMF. Ringer circuitry is built into the card.
Chapter 2 - System Hardware


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