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Introduction; Cable Modem Features; Computer Requirements - RCA DCM215 User Manual

Cable modem
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Cable Modem Features

Capable of receiving data at rates of up to 3000K
second, over 100 times faster than 56K)
Ability to send and receive data over the cable line
Plug-and-play operation for easy setup and installation
Compliance to DOCSIS specification (see page 12)
ON/OFF Button to put the Ethernet port in standby mode
Email waiting notification capability
Diagnostics via LED or HTTP server
Ability to receive automatic software updates, if initiated by your cable
The following may affect the speed of your cable modem: your computer
equipment and configuration (processor speed, amount of RAM, available disk
space); the number of programs you are running at the same time; the capacity
of your ISP; network traffic levels; the number of Ethernet or USB devices in use
on your computer. Your cable company may or may not fully support the speed
capabilites of this modem.

Computer Requirements

Personal computer with the following minimum system requirements (note
that the minimum requirements may vary by cable company):
System RAM
Operating System
Available Disk Space
Floppy Drive
* Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation
** Macintosh and the Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Pentium preferred
16MB (32MB preferred)
Windows* 95/98/2000/NT
Minimum 45MB (90MB preferred)
VGA or better (SVGA preferred)
3.5" High Density (CD-ROM preferred)
10BaseT or 100BaseT
An Ethernet card makes it possible for your computer to pass data to
and from the internet. You must have an Ethernet card and software
drivers installed in your computer. You will also need a standard
Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet card to your cable modem.
Mbps (3 Megabits per
PowerPC or higher
16MB (24MB preferred)
Mac OS** 7.5.3 or higher
Minimum 31MB (69MB preferred)
VGA or better (SVGA built-in preferred)
3.5" High Density (CD-ROM preferred)
10BaseT or 100BaseT


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