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Introduction; Cable Modem Features; What's On The Cd-Rom; Accessing The Diagnostics Display Through The Cd-Rom - RCA Thomson CABLE MODEM Owner's Manual

Digital broadband cable modem
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Cable Modem Features

DOCSIS models are capable of receiving data at rates of up to 30Mbps
Euro-DOCSIS models are capable of receiving data at rates of up to 38Mbps
per second).
Able to send and receive data over the cable line
Able to connect 2 computers through Ethernet and USB at the same time (if allowed by the
cable operator)
Plug-and-play operation for easy setup and installation
ON/OFF button to connect and disconnect access to the Internet
Message waiting notification capability (if allowed by the cable operator)
Diagnostics via LED or HTTP server (if allowed by the cable operator)
Able to receive automatic software updates, if initiated by your cable company
The following may affect the speed of your cable modem: your computer equipment and
configuration (processor speed, amount of RAM, available disk space); the number of
programs you are running at the same time; the capacity of your ISP; network traffic levels;
the number of Ethernet or USB devices in use on your computer. Your cable company may
or may not fully support the speed capabilities of this modem.

What's on the CD-ROM

Insert the cable modem CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive to view troubleshooting tips, the
internal diagnostics, and other valuable information.
Note: You will need to use the CD-ROM to install the USB driver if you are connecting via the
USB port.
CD-ROM Contents:
Electronic file of the instruction book in additional languages
USB drivers
Usage and troubleshooting tips

Accessing the Diagnostics Display through the CD-ROM

A button on the CD-ROM menu called "Look at Diagnostics" (found under the "About My Cable
Modem" menu) launches your browser and displays status and diagnostic information stored
within the modem in HTML format (if allowed by the cable operator).
(30 Megabits per
(38 Megabits


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