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Battery Replacement And Disposal - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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Battery Replacement and Disposal

This unit contains a sealed non-spillable lead-acid battery.
This battery must be recycled. Consult your state or local
government concerning regulations for proper disposal.
The battery inside this product is a sealed lead-acid battery. It is required by law to
be removed and recycled or disposed of properly. While there are federal regulations
that must be complied with throughout the United States, your individual state or local
governments may have additional regulations to be followed.
When the battery in this product is in need of replacement, remove it according to the
instructions provided below and take it to your local recycling center for proper recycling
or disposal. If you don't have a local recycling center that handles sealed lead-acid
batteries, contact your local environmental agency for instructions.
Removal instructions:
Begin by making sure that both clamps are securely placed in a position that ensures
they will not come into contact with each other.
1. Lay the Jump-N-Carry down on its front. On the back of the unit, locate the 13
screws that hold the case together (including a total of 6 screws located in the
cable management tracks).
2. Remove the screws, then lift off the back half of the case, lifting first from the
3. On the top of the battery are two terminals, each with wires connected to them.
Disconnect these wires from the battery by removing the bolts that hold them to
the battery terminals. To prevent accidental arcing, be careful not to touch both
battery terminals with the tools being used to remove the bolts.
4. Lift the battery out of the front half of the case.

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