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Testing The Battery; Storage - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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Q. Can the Jump-N-Carry battery be replaced?
A. Yes, call Technical Service at (913) 310-1050 (U.S.).
Q. Can the Jump-N-Carry be recycled?
A. Yes, the environment was one of our main concerns in the development and
design of the Jump-N-Carry. Most battery outlets can dispose of this product at
its life's end. In fact, your Jump-N-Carry contains a sealed, non-spillable lead acid
battery and proper disposal is required by law. See Battery Removal and Disposal
Q. I have a regular 10 amp battery charger, can I use it to recharge the
A. No, only the methods reviewed in the "Recharging" section should be used.
Q. Is the Jump-N-Carry goof proof?
A. No, jump starting instructions must be followed. Read and understand all safety
and operating instructions in this manual and those found in the owner's manual of
any vehicle being jump started before using your Jump-N-Carry.
After fully charging the battery (see "Recharging" section), apply a 100 amp load to the
unit for a period of 6 seconds, while monitoring the battery voltage. The battery is good
if the voltage is 9.5 Vdc or higher.
The Jump-N-Carry may be stored virtually anywhere, and in any position. However,
take precautions to ensure that the positive and negative clamps do not come into
contact with each other or a common metal surface. We recommend storing the
Jump-N-Carry in the box in which it was originally received. Always be sure to re-wrap
cables and re-holster clamps after each use and prior to storage.

Testing The Battery


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