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12 Volt Dc Power; Performance And Temperature - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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9. Start the vehicle (turn on the vehicle ignition).
Note: If the vehicle doesn't start within 6 seconds, let the Jump-N-Carry cool
for 3 minutes before attempting to start the vehicle again or you may damage the
10. When the vehicle is started, disconnect the negative (–) battery clamp from the
vehicle frame and return it to its holsters.
11. Disconnect the positive (+) clamp and return it to its holster.
Your Jump-N-Carry is an essential tool for all who replace automobile batteries.
Most vehicles have electronic components with memory, such as alarm systems,
computers, radios, phones, etc. and when the vehicle's battery is replaced, the memory
is lost. However, if the Male-Male Extension Cord is connected from the Jump-N-Carry
to the 12 Volt outlet on the vehicle, the memory can be saved.
Note: To use the Jump-N-Carry for this purpose, the chosen outlet must be live when
the vehicle is turned OFF. On some vehicles, 12 Volt outlets are deactivated when the
vehicle is turned OFF.
Your Jump-N-Carry is also a portable power source for all 12 Vdc accessories
equipped with a male 12 Volt plug. The DC outlet on the Jump-N-Carry has automatic
overload protection.
When your Jump-N-Carry is used with a DC to AC power inverter, it can operate
appliances normally powered by 120 Vac or 220 Vac. Recommended inverter for the
portable power source is 400 watts maximum. For more information, contact your
nearest Jump-N-Carry dealer.

Performance and Temperature

Performance of your Jump-N-Carry will depend upon several factors:
• A good, solid connection between the Jump-N-Carry clamps and the battery
and ground connections are a must. Moving the clamps back and forth while
connecting to the battery will help create a better connection.
• Clean connections between your vehicle or equipment battery and its terminals
are very important. For an optimal connection, corrosion (soft grayish-white build-
up) on battery terminals must be removed. With the ignition turned off, disconnect
the battery cables and clean the terminals and battery posts with a baking soda
• All batteries are affected by temperature changes, and the small, lightweight
battery in the Jump-N-Carry is more sensitive to storage temperature than a
standard automotive battery. Temperatures above 70ºF decrease amperage output.
The ideal storage environment is room temperature, or 68ºF.

12 Volt DC Power

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