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Safety Information - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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Congratulations! You have just purchased a world-famous Jump-N-Carry jump starter,
preferred by professionals around the world for its powerful output, exceptional service
life and rugged design. We have taken numerous measures in quality control and in our
manufacturing processes to ensure that your product arrives in top condition, and that it
will perform to your satisfaction.
In the rare event that your Jump-N-Carry contains a damaged or missing item, does not
perform as specified, or requires warranty service, please call Technical Service at (913)
310-1050. Save your purchase receipt, it is required for warranty service.
This unit has a sealed lead-acid battery that should be kept at full charge. Recharge
when first purchased, immediately after each use, and every three months if not used.
Failure to perform maintenance charges may cause the battery life to be reduced
Read these instructions completely before using the Jump-N-Carry and save them for
future reference. Before using the Jump-N-Carry to jump start a car, truck, boat or to
power any equipment, read these instructions and the instruction manual/safety
information provided by the car, truck, boat or equipment manufacturer. Following all
manufacturers' instructions and safety procedures will reduce the risk of accident.
Working around lead-acid batteries may be dangerous. Lead-acid batteries release
explosive gases during normal operation, charging and jump starting. Carefully read and
follow these instructions for safe use. Always follow the specific instructions in this
manual and on the Jump-N-Carry each time you jump start using the Jump-N-Carry.
All lead-acid batteries (car, truck and boat) produce hydrogen gas which may violently
explode in the presence of fire or sparks. Do not smoke, use matches or a cigarette
lighter while near batteries. Do not handle the battery while wearing vinyl clothing
because static electricity sparks are generated when vinyl clothing is rubbed. Review all
cautionary material on the Jump-N-Carry and in the engine compartment.
Always wear eye protection, appropriate protective clothing and other safety equipment
when working near lead-acid batteries. Do not touch eyes while working on or around
lead-acid batteries.
Always store clamps in their holsters, away from each other or common conductors.
Improper storage of clamps may cause the clamps to come in contact with each other,
or a common conductor, causing the battery to short circuit and generate high enough
heat to ignite most materials.
Use extreme care while working within the engine compartment, because moving parts
may cause severe injury. Read and follow all safety instructions published in the vehicle's
Owner's Manual.
While the battery in the Jump-N-Carry is a sealed unit with no free liquid acid, batteries
being jump started with the Jump-N-Carry unit likely contain liquid acids which are
hazardous if spilled.

Safety Information


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