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Jump Starting Instructions - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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SUGGESTED AC RECHARGE TIMES (JNC4000 and older JNC660 models)
Note: We do not recommend charging the unit for more than 24 hours under
normal usage. However, under extreme usage or high discharge situations, recharge
the unit for up to 36 hours. This is not applicable to JNC660 models with auto
charging, which cannot be overcharged. These models can remain connected
continuously with no adverse consequences.
Charging using the supplied 12 Volt Male-Male Extension Cord. This alternative charging
method may be used when access to an AC outlet is unavailable.
1. Start the vehicle's engine.
2. Plug one end of the 12 Volt Male-Male Extension Cord into the Jump-N-Carry
12 Volt outlet and the other end into the vehicle's 12 Volt power port.
3. Charge the unit based on the suggested recharge times shown in the following
Note: DO NOT OVERCHARGE! You must frequently monitor the charging process
to ensure the unit is not overcharged. Overcharging will damage your Jump-N-Carry.

Jump Starting Instructions

Note: For optimum performance, do not store your Jump-N-Carry below 50°F when
using as a jump starter. NEVER charge or jump start a frozen battery.
1. Use in a well ventilated area.
2. Shield eyes. Always wear protective eyewear when working near batteries.
3. Review this instruction manual and the instruction/safety manual provided by the
manufacturer of the vehicle being jump started.
4. Turn ignition off before making cable connections.
5. Clamp the positive (red +) clamp to the positive terminal on the vehicle
battery (for negative ground system), or an alternate vehicle starting point as
recommended by vehicle manufacturer.
6. Clamp the negative (black –) clamp to the vehicle ground (non-moving metal part,
such as the vehicle frame).
7. Make sure the cables are not in the path of moving engine parts (belts, fans,
8. Stay clear of batteries while jump starting.
After a single jump start:
After multiple jump starts:
After using as portable power:
After jump starting:
After using as portable power:
After high discharge conditions:
1 hour
12 hours or overnight
24-36 hours
20 minutes
2 hours
5 hours

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