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General Precautions For Use - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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General precautions for use:

• Someone should always be within range of your voice or close enough to come
to your aid when you work near a lead-acid battery.
• Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid contacts skin,
clothing or eyes. Protective eyewear should always be worn when working near
lead-acid batteries.
• If battery acid contacts skin or clothing, wash immediately with soap and water.
If acid enters eye, immediately flood eye with cold running water for at least 10
minutes and get medical attention immediately.
• Be extra cautious to reduce risk of dropping a metal tool onto a battery. It
might spark or short circuit the battery or another electrical part that may cause
• Remove personal metal items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches
when working with a lead-acid battery. A lead-acid battery can produce a short-
circuit current high enough to weld a ring or the like to metal, causing a severe
• Use the Jump-N-Carry for jump starting lead-acid batteries only. Do not use for
jump starting dry-cell batteries that are commonly used with home appliances.
These batteries may burst and cause injury to persons and damage to property.
• NEVER charge or jump start a frozen battery.
• To prevent arcing, NEVER allow clamps to touch together or to contact the same
piece of metal.
• Use of an attachment not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may result
in a risk of damage to the unit or injury to personnel.
• When using the power extension cord, pull on the plug and never on the wire
when disconnecting.
• Do not recharge the Jump-N-Carry with a damaged power extension cord.
Replace it immediately.
• The Jump-N-Carry may be used under any weather condition – rain, snow, hot
or cold temperatures.
• Do not submerge in water.
• Do not operate with flammables such as gasoline, etc.
• If the Jump-N-Carry receives a sharp blow or is otherwise damaged in any way,
have it checked by a qualified service person. If the Jump-N-Carry is leaking
battery acid, do not ship it. Take it to the closest battery recycler in your area.
• Do not disassemble the Jump-N-Carry. Have it checked by a qualified service
• The Jump-N-Carry should never be left in a completely discharged state for
any period of time. Damage to the battery could be permanent, with poor
performance as a result. When not in use, recharge every three (3) months.
• Always store, use and charge the Jump-N-Carry in an area where children
cannot get to the unit.

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