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Recharging; Features; Battery Status Gauge - Jump n Carry JNC4000 User Manual

12 volt power supply & jump starter
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• The Jump-N-Carry provides plenty of power for starting vehicles – more than
enough to start most cars.
• The Jump-N-Carry will power most 12 Vdc accessories equipped with a male
12 Volt plug. The DC outlet features automatic overload protection.
• The unit features a test switch and battery status gauge, which provides an
approximate indicator of the battery's state of charge.
• The Jump-N-Carry features convenient side-mounted holsters with cable tracks
for easy cable and clamp management. Always re-wrap cables and re-holster the
clamps after each use.
• The Jump-N-Carry contains the latest technology with its 12 Volt sealed,
non-spillable battery and may be stored in any position.
Press and hold the red test button to display the battery status on the gauge.
• The Green shaded area indicates the unit is capable of jump starting.
• The Yellow shaded area indicates the unit needs to be recharged.
• The Red shaded area indicates the unit must be recharged immediately.
You can also get a quick check of the vehicle's charging system by depressing the red
test button while connected to a running vehicle and observing the gauge.
Note: Upon initial purchase, charge your Jump-N-Carry until the green CHARGED LED
lights (JNC660) or for a minimum of 24 hours (JNC4000).
There are two ways to charge your Jump-N-Carry. The recommended method is
recharging using AC power, with a household extension cord connected to the built-in
charger. An alternative method is through the DC power outlet using the provided 12
Volt Male-Male Extension Cord. In some cases, care must be taken not to overcharge
the Jump-N-Carry, as noted.
Charging using the built-in charger (recommended method). With this method, an
extension cord (not included) is connected to the Jump-N-Carry through the built-in
charger located on the front of the unit.
1. Connect the female end of the extension cord to the charger plug on the front of
the unit. The charger plug has two blades and resembles a standard household
plug that would fit into a 120 Vac wall receptacle.
2. Connect the male end to the extension cord to the AC outlet.
- an amber LED will light to show the charging phase is in process. (JNC660 only)
3. Charge until the green LED lights to show that the charging process is complete
and has entered maintenance mode (new style JNC660 models only) or as noted
in the following table (JNC4000 and old style - no LED indicators - JNC660


Battery Status Gauge


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