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Accessing The Audio Settings; Audio Source; Analog Audio Sample Rate; Audio Bit Rate - Matrox Monarch HD User Manual

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Accessing the audio settings

To access the audio settings, open the Monarch HD Command Center (see
"Accessing the Command Center"

Audio source

Select the Monarch HD audio input source that will be used for streaming and
recording. Monarch HD supports two audio channels for streaming and
recording. You can choose to use either the first two audio channels from your
HDMI input source, or the stereo audio source connected to Monarch HD's
analog audio input (see
HD uses the AAC audio format for streaming and recording. To monitor the
selected audio source, you can use either the HDMI or analog audio output.
¦ Note You can choose whether or not to include audio when streaming and
recording in the stream and record settings, respectively.

Analog audio sample rate

If using analog audio, select the desired sample rate for your analog audio input
source. If you are using an HDMI audio input source, this option is unavailable
(appears dimmed) because the sample rate is determined by the digital signal.
The default setting is 48 kHz, but you can choose any of the available options.
The analog audio input is converted to the selected sample rate before encoding.
Selecting the highest sample rate provides the best audio quality, but also
increases the total bit rate required to maintain this quality for streaming and/or

Audio bit rate

Select the bit rate to which you want to stream the audio. This setting applies to
both the stream and record settings.
¦ Note (Analog audio only) To select the 32 kb/s bit rate, you must first select
22.05 kHz for the Analog audio sample rate .
on page 19), and then choose Settings >
"Video/audio inputs and outputs"
on page 9). Monarch
Specifying audio input settings