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Accessing The Command Center; Logging In To The Command Center; Updating The Monarch Hd Firmware - Matrox Monarch HD User Manual

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Open the Command Center (see
page 19).

Accessing the Command Center

The Monarch HD Command Center is where you specify the Monarch HD
settings and control the streaming and recording for a single Monarch HD device
or multiple devices on the same network. A Monarch HD network IP address is
required to access the Command Center (see
on page 16).
Power Monarch HD and connect it to an Ethernet network.
Open your computer's web browser, type Monarch HD's IP address in the
browser's address field and then press
The Command Center opens.
¦ Note Older versions of the Monarch firmware require a "/Monarch" after
the IP address (for example, If you have an older
firmware version, consider upgrading to the latest firmware from the support
section of our website:
Use the Command Center to specify your Monarch HD settings and to
control streaming and recording (see
Using the Command

Logging in to the Command Center

The Command Center opens on the Status page. The Status and About pages
in the Command Center can be accessed without logging in. To access any other
page, such as the Control or Stream Settings page, click the menu item for the
page that you want to access and then enter your username and password. By
default, the username and password are set to admin. The username cannot be
changed. If you wish to change the password for your Monarch HD device, see
"Username and password"

Updating the Monarch HD firmware

The firmware on your Monarch HD device is updated using the Matrox Monarch
HD Firmware Updater. To view the current firmware version of your Monarch
HD, see
"Firmware version, warranty, and documentation"
Matrox Monarch HD Firmware Updater is available for both Mac OS and
Windows systems. A Monarch HD device's network IP address is required to
update its firmware (see
Updating the Monarch HD firmware resets all settings to factory defaults, resets
the device password to admin, and sets the device IP mode to DHCP.
"Accessing the Command Center"
"Network connection and IP
Chapter 4, "Specifying Settings and
on page 22.
"Network connection and IP address"
on page 45. The
on page 16).
Accessing the Command Center