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RCA RLC3257A Instruction Manual

32” lcd television.
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32" LCD Television


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   Summary of Contents for RCA RLC3257A

  • Page 1

    32” LCD Television MODEL: RLC3257A...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Caution Safety Information Unit and Accessories Product Feature Introduction 1. Front View 2. Rear View 3. Instruction for Wall Mount 4. Remote Control Basic Operation OSD Menu 11-17 1. Picture menu 11-12 2. Sound menu 3. Channel menu 4.

  • Page 4: Caution

    Caution Caution is intended to alert the user to the presence of un-insulated "dangerous to constitute a risk of electric shock to the persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intend to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

  • Page 5: Safety Information

    Safety Information Safety Information Electrical safety Physical safety...

  • Page 6: Unit And Accessories

    Unit and Accessories and Product Feature Unit and Accessories INPUT -/-- PICTURE SOUND SLEEP DISPLAY VOL+ MUTE VOL- EXIT MENU TV set Remote control Batteries: 2xAAA Instructions for fixing stand Instructions for User's manual fixing stand AC Power In...

  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction 1. Front View Power Indicator Remote Control window (Keep clear) 1). (IR) Infrared Receiver: Receives IR signals from the remote control. (Power on/Standby)LED Indicator: Press POWER to turn on and off. Indicator on(Red) Standby mode Indicator on(Green) Power on mode The effective receiving range for the signal is 5-8 metres from the front of the remote control window, and 30 to the left or right side and 20...

  • Page 8: Rear View

    Introduction 2. Rear View Video R in L in Coax PC-IN HDMI1 HDMI2 HDMI3 (Service) AUDIO OUT AC POWER IN: Connect it to AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz power supply with the mains cable. POWER ON/OFF and need to enlarge the position of this power switch to alert users to power on SWITCH: this switch first prior to operate the product.

  • Page 9: Instruction For Wall Mount

    - 4 pcs of type M6 screws are required for installing the wall mount bracket to your RCA TV. Do not use screws that are longer than 10 mm. Screws that are too long may cause damage to the inside of the TV set.

  • Page 10: Remote Control

    Introduction 4. Remote Control The remote control is using Infra-Red(IR). Point it towards the front of the LCD TV. The remote control may not work correctly if it is operated out of range or out of angle. POWER(red button): Turn the TV on/standby. INPUT INPUT: Press to display the input source menu.

  • Page 11

    Introduction Installing Batteries 1. Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the remote control. 2. Insert two 1.5V AAA size batteries observing the polarity markings inside the battery compartment. Don’t mix different types or used batteries with new ones. 3.

  • Page 12: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Basic Operation Power on/off 1. Connect to the power supply with the power cord. 2. -To turn on the TV Press POWER button on the TV or remote control. -To turn off the TV Press POWER button on the TV or remote control. Input Source select Press INPUT button on the TV set or remote control to display input source menu, and use CH+/- button on the TV set or...

  • Page 13: Picture Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu 1. Picture menu Description Picture Settings: Press > button to enter the Picture Settings menu. Picture mode: Select between Dynamic, Standard, Movie, User and Power Saving. You may select the picture mode directly by pressing the PICTURE button on the remote control. Note: when select the "Power Saving", the machine is in energy-saving status(4.1).

  • Page 14: Osd Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu Advanced Picture Settings: Press > button to enter the Advanced Picture Settings. Dynamic Contrast: Select the dynamic contrast mode between Off, Low, Medium and High. Film Mode: Activate or deactivate the Film Mode. Noise Reduction: If the broadcast signal received is weak, you can select the DNR option to reduce the video noise level between Off, Low, Medium and High.

  • Page 15: Sound Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu 2. Sound menu Description Sound Settings: Press > button to enter the Sound Settings menu. Sound Mode: Select your desired picture mode as follow: Dynamic, Standard, Soft and User. You may select the sound mode directly by pressing the SOUND button on the remote control.

  • Page 16: Channel Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu 3. Channel menu Description Channel List: Display the channel list. Favorite List: Display the favorite channel list. Channel Settings: Press > button to display the Channel Settings menu. Press < > button to select the item, and press OK button to change the setting.

  • Page 17: Parental Control Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu 4. Parental Control menu You must enter the password to gain access to the Parental Control menu. The default password is 0000. You may modify the following options: Description V-CHIP: Press > button to enter the V-CHIP menu. US V-CHIP: Press >...

  • Page 18

    OSD Menu OSD Menu Canada V-CHIP: Press > button to enter the Canada V-CHIP menu. English Rating: Select among: C, C8+, G, PG, 14+ and 18+. French Rating: Select among: G, 8ans+, 13ans+, 16ans+ and 18ans+. Block UnRated Show: Activate or deactivate the Block UnRated Show function. Downloadable Rating: Setting the Downloadable Rating in DTV mode when the program has the rating information.

  • Page 19: Setup Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu 5. Setup menu Description Closed Caption: Press > button to enter the Closed Caption menu. Caption Display: Activate or deactivate the Caption displaying. Analog Caption Type: Allow you to select the basic selection among: CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, Text1, Text2, Text3 and Text4.

  • Page 20: Others Menu

    OSD Menu OSD Menu 6. Others menu Audio Only Description Blue Screen: Turn on/off the blue screen function when there’s no signal. No Signal Power Off: The TV will turn off automatically if there’s no signal after 10 minutes. No Operation Power Off: The TV will turn off automatically if there’s no operation on the TV after 3 hours.

  • Page 21: Simple Troubleshooting

    Simple Troubleshooting Simple Troubleshooting If the TV has failed or its performance has seriously deteriorated, check the TV by using the following simple troubleshooting guide. If you can not resolve the problem with this troubleshooting, please call VIORE Technical Support. No power - Check all power connections to the TV.

  • Page 22

    LCD Panel Panel Size 32 inch (diagonal) Brightness 350 cd/m 3000:1 Contrast Resolution 1366x768 Input Connector Video Audio(L/R) PC Audio HDMI YPbPr Headphone Output Connector COAX Audio (L/R) Power Source 100-240V~ 50/60Hz Maximum Power Consumption 120W * Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

  • Page 23: Limited Product Warranty

    • This warranty does not apply. Contact your dealer for warranty information. ©Curtis International Ltd. 315 Attwell Drive, Toronto, Ontario M9W 5C1 “RCA”, “NIPPER & CHIPPER” ARE TRADEMARKS OF RCA TRADEMARK MANAGEMENT USED UNDER LICENSE TO: CURTIS INTERNATIONAL LTD.

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