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RCA RLC4036A Owner's Manual

40” atsc tuner lcd tv.
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   Summary of Contents for RCA RLC4036A

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  • Page 3: Safety Instruction

    No Operations when Problems Occur RLC4036A READ CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATION If any event out of the ordinary, such as smoking, smell, no picture, no voice, over loud...

  • Page 4: Safety Instruction

    SAFETY INSTRUCTION SAFETY INSTRUCTION Don’t Remove or Rejigger the TV Set Connect to Earthing Connection There is high voltage subassembly inside the TV set, which may cause fire or electrical This appliance shall be connected to a mains socket outlet with a protective earthing shock during repair.

  • Page 5

    SAFETY INSTRUCTION SAFETY INTRODUCTIONS Notes of Cable Connection Don’t Set the TV in the places below: Make sure that all cables, including connector plugs, extend lines, and connecting cables between equipments are specify by the manufacturer. Before changing the connection, please turn off Under sun or near heaters.

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    INSTRUCTION INSTRUCTION CONTROLS CONNECTION OPTION This manual explains the features available on the model of LCD TV. This is the back panel LCD TV This is a simplified representation of a front panel. Here shown may be somewhat This is a simplified representation of a back panel. different from your TV.

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    INSTRUCTION INSTRUCTION REMOTE CONTROL KEY FUNCTIONS REMOTE CONTROL KEY FUNCTIONS (1) STANDBY button : Switches the set on from power on or of f to power. (20) CH- button: Changes the channels down. (2) AUTO button: Press to pc source picture auto adjust. (21) CH+ button: Changes the channels up.

  • Page 9

    INSTALLATION INSTALLATION STANDARD INSTALLATION STANDARD INSTALLATION The TV can be installed in various ways such as on a wall, or on a desktop etc. b. Wall Mount: Horizontal installation 10 inches (2) Remove the table stand of the TV when install the TV on a wall as follow: 10 inches 10 inches 10 inches...

  • Page 11

    CONNECTIONS & SETUP CONNECTIONS & SETUP PC CONNECTION YPBPR CONNECTION When connecting with a D-sub 15 pin cable(VGA) When connecting with a component cable (VGA) 1. Connect the VGA output of the PC to the PC VGA Input jack on the set. 1.

  • Page 12: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION BASIC OPERATION TURNING THE TV ON SLEEP TIMER If your TV will be turned on, you will be able to use its features. You don't have to remember to switch the set off before you go to sleep. Turning on the TV The sleep timer automatically switches the set to standby after the First,You connect the power cord into the power socket ,...

  • Page 14: Osd Operation

    OSD OPERATION OSD OPERATION PC SETTINGS COLOR TEMPERATURE Pres o select the Color Temperature that you feel comfortable. Normal Basically will be accepted by most people. Cool means a high color temperature that will feel cool. Warm means a low color temperature that will feel warm. ADVANCED PICTURE SETTINGS PC Settings Menu is aviliable only in PC DB15 or DVI mode.

  • Page 15

    OSD OPERATION OSD OPERATION SOUND MENU Surround Mode Set to enjoy the virtual surround sound. Press ENTER to set or cancel. Auto Volume Level. Press ENTER to set or cancel. When AVL is set on, it will limit the sound being heard when sudden changes in volume occur during commercial breaks or channel changes.

  • Page 19

    OSD OPERATION OSD OPERATION CHANGE PASSWORD SETUP MENU At first you should enter the correct old password then enter new password twice. Closed Caption(CC) Include below : Caption Display On/Off. SOURCE LOCK Analog Caption Type Select from below closed-caption modes for analog programs. Press to select the source you want to lock, then press ENTER to set it to lock.

  • Page 24

    APPENDIX PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Model RLC4036A Resolution 1920 X 1080 Viewing size(mm) 178 (H )X 178 (V) PC best Mode 1920 X 1080 @60Hz Sound output 10 W +10W 8 200W Power consumption Stand by power consumption Power input A C100-240 V 50/60HZ...

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    ( pour la télécommande )

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    LCD. Connexion du panneau arrière Contrôle panneau latéral droit COMPONENT COAX PC-AUDIO HDMI1 HDMI2 HDMI3 VIDEO POWER ON/OFF AC 100-240V ~ 50/60HZ AV IN AUDIO OUT AC 100-240V HDMI2 ~ 50/60HZ PC AUDIO HDMI1 HDMI3 AV IN AUDIO OUT Se connecter à la sortie audio du PC sur l'ordinateur USB: entrée l’entrée du périphérique USB.

  • Page 31

    INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION FONCTIONS PRINCIPLES DE LA TELECOMMANDE FONCTIONS PRINCIPLES DE LA TELECOMMANDE (1) Bouton STANDBY: Brancher la TV de l'alimentation puissance ou à l'extérieur au pouvoir. (20) Bouton CH-: Changez la chaîne en avant. Bouton AUTO:Appuyez sur pc image source à...

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  • Page 36

    Tout d'abord, vous branchez le cordon d'alimentation dans la prise électrique, assurez-vous que le cordon d'alimentation est complètement inséré dans la presse unit.Then la puissance interrupteur ON / OFF sur "ON" comme indiqué. STANDBY STANDBY STANDBY HDMI2 - HDMI3...

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  • Page 39

    Sortie audio digitale Sortie audio digitale Sortie audio digitale: PCM,original et...

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    RLC4036A 1920 X 1080 178 (H )X 178 (V) 1920 X 1080 @60Hz 10 W +10 W 8 200 W A C100-240 V 50/60HZ 1920X1080(60Hz)

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