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Mounting The Monitor Base; Adjusting The Height; Adjusting The Inclination - Fujitsu B19-6 LED Operating Manual

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Getting started

Mounting the monitor base

Do not remove the retaining splint before you have secured the base plate on
the monitor and have brought it into operating position.
► Insert the base plate on the foot (1).
► Guide the screw through the opening (2).
► Secure the base plate with the screw (3).
► Place the monitor in operating position.

Adjusting the height

The height of the monitor can be adjusted by approximately 110 mm.
► Remove the retaining splint on the rear of the height adjustment.
► Grasp the monitor with both hands at the left and right edges of the
housing and move it up or down.

Adjusting the inclination

The inclination of the monitor can be adjusted by -5° (forwards) and +35°
(backwards) from its vertical position.
► Hold the monitor with both hands on the left and right sides of the casing
and move it to the desired angle.
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