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Black & Decker MC1100S Use And Care Manual page 11

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• The cooking pot should always be filled from ½ to 3⁄4 full, to avoid over and
under cooking.
- When only half full, check for doneness 1 to 2 hours before
recommended cooking time.
-To avoid spillovers, do not fill slow cooker more than 3⁄4 full.
• Always slow cook with the lid on.
- Do not open lid during first 2 hours of cooking; this allows heat to rise
- Open the lid as little as possible to assure even cooking. Every time the
lid is removed, the cooking time increases by 15–20 minutes.
• Most recipes can be cooked on either High or Low. Many recipes will give
the time for both.
- Low: Normally used for longer cook times and less tender cuts of meat,
8 to 10 hours
- High: Used to shorten cook time. One hour on High is equal to about
2 hours on Low.
- Warm: Only used for keeping cooked foods at a food-safe serving
temperature (135°F) and should not be used to cook foods. It is not
recommended to use warm for more than 4 hours. Always hold foods at
this setting with the lid on.
• To save time, fill the cooking pot the night before. Cover and refrigerate.
You may need to add some extra cooking time because the food and
cooking pot will be cold.
• To save space while storing the cooking pot or to place in the refrigerator,
invert the lid.
• You may also pour cake batter directly into the greased cooking pot.
Cover and bake using the Slowcooker function on Low for 3 hours or
until cake pulls away from sides. Turn Multicooker off and let cake rest 30
minutes before serving.
• Milk products, especially those low in fat, tend to curdle if cooked too long.
Add them toward the end of the cooking time.
• Evaporated milk and condensed soups are great substitutes for milk
and cream.


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