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Ventilation Requirements - NEC MultiSync X841UHD User Manual

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3. Using Option Board
1. Turn off the main power switch.
2. Remove the attached slot cover by unscrewing the
installed screws (Figure 1).
3. Insert option board in to the monitor. Attach the slot cover
by using the removed screws.
Please contact your supplier for available option
Do not apply excessive force to manipulate the
optional board before fi xing it with screws.
Figure 1
4. Installing and removing optional table
top stand
CAUTION: Installing and removing the stand must be done
by four or more people.
To install, follow those instructions included with the stand or
mounting apparatus. Use only those devices recommended
by the manufacturer.
Use ONLY screws which are included with the
optional table top stand.
When installing the LCD monitor stand, handle the unit with
care to avoid pinching your fi ngers.
Optional table top stand
Install the stand in the direction of the arrow
which is imprinted on the surface of the stand.
Use the ST-801.
Protective Sheet

5. Ventilation Requirements

When mounting in an enclosed space or recessed area,
leave adequate room between the monitor and the enclosure
to allow heat to disperse, as shown below.
Allow adequate ventilation or provide air conditioning around
the monitor, so that heat can properly dissipate away from
the unit and mounting apparatus; especially when you use
monitors in multiple screen.
The sound quality of the internal speakers will
differ according to the acoustics of the room.
6. Prevent Tipping
When using the display with the optional table top stand
fasten the LCD to a wall using a cord or chain that can
support the weight of the monitor in order to prevent the
monitor from falling. Fasten the cord or chain to the monitor
using the provided clamps and screws are included with the
optional table top stand.
420 mm
Screw Holes
Screw (M4)
Before attaching the LCD monitor to the wall, make sure that
the wall can support the weight of the monitor.
Be sure to remove the cord or chain from the wall before
moving the LCD.
Cord or chain



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