Troubleshooting - Panasonic CS-W7NKD Quick Manual

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The following symptoms do not indicate malfunction.
The following symptoms do not indicate malfunction.
Mist emerges from indoor unit.
Water fl owing sound during operation.
The room has a peculiar odor.
Indoor fan stops occasionally during automatic fan speed
Operation is delayed a few minutes after restarting.
Outdoor unit emits water/steam.
TIMER indicator is always on.
POWER indicator blinks during operation and the indoor
fan is stopped.
Indoor fan stops occasionally during heating operation.
Cracking sound during operation.
Check the following before calling for servicing.
Check the following before calling for servicing.
Heating/Cooling operation is not working effi ciently.
Noisy during operation.
Remote control does not work.
(Display is dim or transmission signal is weak.)
The unit does not work.
The unit does not receive the signal from the remote
► • Condensation effect due to cooling process.
► • Refrigerant fl ow inside the unit.
► • This may be due to damp smell emitted by the wall,
carpet, furniture or clothing.
► • This helps to remove the surrounding odours.
► • The delay is a protection to the unit's compressor.
► • Condensation or evaporation occurs on pipes.
► • The timer setting repeats daily once set.
► • The unit is in defrost mode, and the melted frost is
drained from the outdoor unit.
► • To avoid unintended cooling effect.
► • Changes of temperature caused the expansion/
contraction of the unit.
► • Set the temperature correctly.
• Close all doors and windows.
• Clean or replace the fi lters.
• Clear any obstruction at the air inlet and air outlet vents.
► • Check if the unit has been installed at an incline.
• Close the front panel properly.
► • Insert the batteries correctly.
• Replace weak batteries.
► • Check if the circuit breaker is tripped.
• Check if timers have been set.
► • Make sure the receiver is not obstructed.
• Certain fl uorescent lights may interfere with signal
transmitter. Please consult authorized dealer.



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